It was an accident (hic)

Hey – it’s me!  Lexi – the super Husky dog! Oh and Murphy too!


Lexi and Murphy


Did you know that we spend our entire day playing with each other! We wrestle and wrestle and wrestle some more. We run all over the backyard chasing each other. When one of us catches the other, we wrestle. When we’re in the house, we wrestle. Sometimes I need a break from Murphy and I hide under the kitchen table, especially when Mom and Dad are eating. Then Murphy comes along and we wrestle. Mom yells at us to STOP because we are wrestling right by her leg and she thinks one of us is going to accidentally bite her. We would never bite our Mom! (Lexi – I said accidentally!) Oh accidentally – well – don’t worry Mom! We don’t believe in accidents.

My Mom works hard and sometimes when she comes home from work and it’s nice outside, she wants to sit in the backyard for a quiet moment. Sorry Mom, but the backyard is our territory and we need ALL of the space.

The other day, my Mom came home and sat out in the yard. We were racing around like crazy and Mom’s chair was in the way. After we ripped (Mom says dangerously) past her chair several times, she moved the chair right beside the hot tub so technically she was out of the way. My Mom likes to drink cool beverages and she had one with her. Since she was now right beside the hot tub, she put her cool beverage there.  Murphy and I asked if we could have some and Mom said, “No, dogs don’t need cider”.  Well, I wanted to try it. Mom said NO. Mom is mean!

Murphy and I were running and running and I jumped up onto the hot tub and oops – I knocked the can of cider over. Oopsy Mom – let me clean that up for you!.  Mom – I’m sorry, I really am (well maybe only a little).


Mom – sorry I’ll clean up the mess
Mmmm – cider is good!


My Mom wasn’t impressed but she still had lots to drink in the can. It was only a little bit that spilled and it was an accident!

Mom says that we need discipline. Mom – I swear it was an accident!

Well, it’s over and now it’s almost time to go to the dog park. Murphy and I don’t play with each other at the dog park. Nope – there are too many other dogs to play with and besides Murphy is just a lunatic at the dog park. I don’t want people to know that we are sisters.

Love Lexi




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