Summer time and the swimming is easy

Hi – it’s me – it’s LEXI!  There’s zero time for blogging. It’s summer!  We need to be outside.  Murphy and I just keep ripping around in the back yard – we love it. Even though we get to go to the dog park on the weekends, we just can’t get enough of running and playing with each other. Mom thinks its very funny that we play very well together at home but at the dogpark? We totally ignore each other. I mean – why wouldn’t we. Murphy plays with her stupid ball and gets dirty and I like to be petted. We both go to the dog park for very different reasons.

But no time to tell you about the dog park today. Nope – we’ve got exciting things happening in our backyard.

It got really hot and we’re hot. Last year, Mom bought me a swimming pool, but she hadn’t put it out yet.

It was so hot the last couple of days that  Mom opened up our swimming pool for us. Well, that’s not exactly what happened. But it sounds good – doesn’t it?

Our swimming pool and we’re having fun in it

Dad said “why are you getting that out, they won’t play in it?” What does Dad know about dogs?  We want to play in it. Murphy even thought it would be very cool to lie down in the pool.

Cooling off in the swimming pool

But I don’t know if Murphy was all that happy. She didn’t stay in there as long as I did. You never know with Murphy. Mom says Murphy has two speeds for everything – FAST and STOP.  I`m much more gentle.

This water is super icky and cold – I’m getting out

And then Murphy runs around the backyard which has NO grass and gets her wet fur all dirty. She drives  my Mom and Dad crazy.  I’m such a good dog. I have way thicker fur than Murphy, but nothing sticks to me, not mud, not snow and water barely penetrates my deep coat. Yes, I’m a good dog. Murphy? Not so much.

Murphy is wet (as usual)

Do you want to know the real reason Mom put out the swimming pool? You see, from time to time, Murphy would come in the house and she would be wet. How did she get wet? Did she fall in the pond? Did she lay in the puddle on the top of the hot tub lid? It was a mystery and even though Mom asked me, I wasn’t going to rat out my sister.

Then one night at dinner, Mom and Dad heard a splash. They looked outside and didn’t see anything but a big wet spot by the pond and Murphy was wet. “Oh dear – did Murphy fall in?”, they asked.  Don’t look at me – I didn’t see anything.

But on Friday night, Murphy did this right in front of Mom.

Murphy IN the pond

Yep, Murphy thinks she needs to cool down so she just jumped right into the pond right in front of my Mom. I don’t think my Mom was very happy as she started to yell at Murphy. I told Murphy not to jump., but she wouldn’t listen.  I don’t think Mom was too mad because she got out her camera and took pictures and she was laughing. And she was saying “bad dog Murphy”.  Mom needs to send a clear message of what we can and can’t do. My Mom needs some training!

Just chilling Mom!

Then Mom yanked Murphy out of the pond and told her she was a bad dog! Too late, Murphy`s been a bad dog since she came. She always gets into trouble. Mom says Murphy is a very smart dog, she just doesn`t apply herself to all areas where her smartness would help.

So Mom got out the swimming pool in the hopes that Murphy would stop jumping in the pond. Nope – Murphy jumped in the pond twice yesterday and not once into the swimming pool. Mom is not impressed.

The edge of the pond is partially barricaded today. Mom is even less impressed. Mom says she is going to have to buy a fence to go around the pond so Murphy stays out. Mom says there’s a liner thing in the pond that if it gets ripped, will be bad news.

I have to run. We were at the dog park this morning and it was HOT. Murphy and I are exhausted and I need a nap.

Love Lexi


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