Mom, MOM, MOM!  Get up – it’s Mother’s Day. You NEED to take us to the park! That’s what good dog moms do!


Hi – it’s me, it’s Lexi!  Murphy and I have the best dog mom in the whole world. She plays with us, she takes us to the dog park and she gives us treats.

And we are the BEST dogs in the whole wide world. We listen, we stay clean and we don’t bark or howl – EVER!

Mom: Lexi, are you telling fibs again?

Lexi: No Mom.

Mom says I should show you some pictures and let you be the judge.

That’s me, Lexi. I’m gorgeous and everyone knows it!
And this is Murphy. Murphy is just happy – all the time

Mom: Ah Lexi?  You haven’t posted THE pictures.

Lexi: Alright – they are the fun ones anyone! Those ones above – boring!  Let the games begin!

The dog park was WET last week. You know what that means – wet means water and water means mud. I love the the mud and the water. Look what I found at the dog park! A huge puddle.

Just chilling in the puddle at the dog park

But guess what Murphy did?  She lay out flat on her tummy in this puddle. Everyone thought it was so adorable, (even my Mom – who tried to take a picture, but well sometimes my Mom is a dork when it comes to taking pictures). You know, she misses all the super cute ones of us too!

Murphy lay in the puddle a couple of times and was covered in mud. Covered! She looked like a black dog!

I don’t get nearly as dirty as Murphy does. Mud doesn’t stick to my fur. Mom says the next dog she gets will be just like me! Leaves don’t stick to me, mud doesn’t stick to me. Murphy is just like Little Sammy (my Mom is sad today because it’s almost one year since Little Sammy went to doggie heaven. I told my Mom that she has two even better dogs than Little Sammy – who was just OLD.  Mom told me to have respect!)

This is as dirty as I get. But I wasn’t digging to do this! Nope – I don’t dig – ever! (Lexi!)

Mom was too quick with the camera as I try to lick all the dirt off my nose

Yes, dogs can roll their eyes too you know. We’re very smart!

When we went to the dog park yesterday, the mud and the puddles are gone, but that doesn’t mean that Murphy can’t make a mess.

Murphy’s favorite thing to do at the park is to chase her ball. She is just crazy and even though she’s exhausted (Mom says – imagine that!). Murphy is panting like mad, she is lying flat out on the ground and even lets her ball out of her mouth, but the moment someone picks it up, she wants to chase it again.

She is very possessive of her ball, but won’t fight to get it back if another dog picks it up which Mom says is a very good thing. But look at Murphy – this is carrying possession a bit too far.

HEY – someone might steal my ball while I’m getting a drink!

Did you know that Murphy and I are the funniest dogs at the dog park? Everyone laughs at us or laughs because of us and we are just the best dogs in the whole world.

And yes, even on a day when there is no mud at the park, Murphy will come home dirty!  That’s just Murphy! I don’t think her tongue can hang out any further! She’s so uncouth. Not like me, I’m just a super sophisticated dog. I’m pretty and delicate and I want to stay that way! Murphy was even too tired to pull on her leash when we left the park.


What a long tongue you have Murphy!

Mom, Murphy and I just want to say that you are the best dog mom ever. We love you and we know that you love us too. Murphy and I have these cute little charms that you can add to your bracelet. One from each of us. I hope you know how to put them on the bracelet because our paws are way too big and we don’t have patience for that stuff anyway.

Charms for our Mom for Mother’s Day!

It’s almost time to go to the dog park again. We get so excited that I start to howl about half way there and Murphy barks at the top of her lungs. Mom just laughs and says that we are silly dogs, not that anyone can hear anything in the car!

Love Lexi!


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