Canada Day Adventures

Hey- it’s me!  It’s Lexi! (and Murphy) I’m the super cool Husky! Yep, I’m cool even in the summer and even with my big furry coat. My big furry coat helps to keep me cool just as much as it helps to keep me warm when it gets cold. Do you know what kind of dog Murphy is? Mom says that Murphy is a big, strong dog! And Mom says that Murphy is very smart but not as smart as me! Right, Mom? I’m the smartest!


Yesterday was Canada Day. It was a big, big birthday. Mom says that Canada is 150 years old. Big woop! In dog years that’s only 21 and what’s so special about 21?

Besides, if it was so special, how come we didn’t do any of the special things? Like, have hot dogs and ice cream? Or get a cute bandana like our cousin in Vancouver.

Bear dressed for Canada Day
No more pictures, please
Strutting his stuff

See what I mean, Murphy and I could have been cute with Canada bandanas. So what did we do?  We went to school! Mom – it’s summer. No one goes to school in the summer. The cool dogs don’t go to school in the summer.

Mom says that Murphy is just out of control on the leash and Mom says that Murphy needs help. Everyone knows that dog school is for the owners, NOT the dogs. I think Mom could have gone by herself and let us play in the backyard. Murphy was not happy to be there and promptly peed all over the floor. And just when the people were sitting down to talk, I peed and they all jumped up to clean up the mess.  It was so much fun and Mom was embarrassed! Serves her right for making us go to school on Canada Day!

Mom got this little treat bag. Murphy likes the treat bag. I was forced to go so I could listen and learn and so the teacher could see how we play together. We play a lot together. After the peeing incident, Murphy and I were good dogs. Well, I was getting bored and I wanted to get out of there. I was tossing my head and whining, but that didn’t help and I gave up after a while. Mom is very serious about this school stuff because Dad came to babysit me. Hmpf! I don’t need a babysitter! But Mom said YES.

It was boring to watch Murphy and Mom walk around and around. Mom was feeding Murphy treats from that little bag and I got NOTHING. Oh, I got a couple little treats thrown my way. It was terrible how I was treated! It was all Murphy this, Murphy that. What about me? I like treats too.  What if I want to learn something? I don’t want Murphy to be smarter than me. (Lexi – don’t worry, you’ll always be our first dog!)

Hey, Murph – look at me! No training!
By the way, Murphy – if you listen, we can get out of here sooner!

After one hour, the ordeal was over and we were able to escape. I had to go up a very scary set of stairs. I don’t like stairs. I wanted Dad to carry me, but he said I was a big girl and could do the stairs on my own. It was very very scary! But I was brave. Murphy just wanted out of there! She was so full of treats that she could hardly move. (Lexi – that’s not true! and you also got some treats!)

The teacher said that positive reinforcement is a good way to teach dogs. It seems to work for Murphy. Now Mom and Murphy have to take walks all the time so Murphy can figure out what she is supposed to do. Well, Mom has to figure out what to do! And Mom got this little clicker thing too. Murphy likes the clicker thing.


Murphy and Lexi – on the way home

Mom and Murphy went for a walk after dinner last night and Mom says that Murphy was like a different dog. Well, of course – she’s not stupid. She did learn stuff at school! She didn’t pull or very little, she didn’t need a whole lot of treats and Mom says that Murphy will learn very fast.

The teacher said that Murphy should go for more training so she can learn basic stuff! Ha ha – Murphy has to go to school – I don’t have to! (Lexi- that’s not the case – you should go to school too!) Wait a minute, Mom, I’m the good one and I don’t need to go to school!

Going to school is hard work. We were both exhausted and while we normally play under the table while Mom and Dad are eating, we were just too tired.

Even Murphy needed some quiet time

Mom says that I get to go on walks by myself with her and I’m so happy. I like Murphy, but I like to go for a walk with my Mom. Just the two of us. Mom takes me into the woods and when Murphy is with us, Mom won’t go into the woods because Murphy is crazy on a leash. Mom says that walking Murphy on a leash is like walking a 50-pound yo-yo on an elastic rope. That’s why Murphy went to school.

I think it’s all going to work out for the best. Once Muphy is better behaved, then we get to go on walks together and then maybe Mom will even take us into the woods. I can’t wait – I love the woods. And maybe Mom will even take us hiking. Hey Murphy, get your act together FAST!

Now we’re back from the dog park and we’re totally exhausted once again. I need a nap!

Love Lexi


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