Mom and Dad are fighting!

Hey everyone – it’s me. It’s Lexi!!  I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to write. I’m so exhausted that I need my sleep. Mom says I had better write something as everyone is asking about me. 0001

Mom and Dad are fighting.  Mom and Dad are fighting!  Do you know what they’re fighting about?  ME!!!!    Everyone wants to take me to the dog park.

My Mom used to be the one to take me to the dog park all the time. As the sun changed, it was getting darker and my Dad decided he would help out and sometimes he would take me to the dog park.

I think my Mom was very sad that I had already gone and I was so exhausted that I didn’t want to go back.  Going to the dog park is my most favourite thing in the world. Well besides being with my Mom!

Then Mom started going to work early, so she could leave early and then she could take me to the dog park. But sometimes, my Dad and I would already be gone and I wasn’t there to greet my Mom when she got home from work.

But then something happened with the clocks and well, it gets dark really early now. But my Dad is funny because now that it’s really cold – he doesn’t take me to the dog park as much. My Dad is a wimp!

He got busted yesterday. My Mom came home extra early and Dad and I were just getting ready to leave. I kept telling Dad that it was too early to go to the dog park. While it’s fun to go to the dog park, it’s boring if no one else is there. Dad wanted to go when it was still light outside, but no other dogs would be there. So Mom and I waited and then we went to the dog park.

I love going to the dog park with my Mom.  She takes me when all the other cool dogs are there and we run and run and wrestle and wrestle. And then I come home and I’m exhausted and I go to sleep.

I love my Mom.

I need a nap.

Love Lexi




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