I am NOT a thief (burb!)

Hey, everyone!  It’s ME!!  It’s LEXI!!!!

It’s me – It’s LEXI!!!!!

My Mom says that I’m a thief.  I’m not! (burb!)

Mom says that I stole some of her cookies that she left on the table as she waited for the kettle to boil. I most certainly did NOT steal those cookies.

OK, maybe I did take a couple, but look at how neat I was. I only took three cookies, leaving one for my Mom. Wasn’t that very thoughtful of me?


Mom, where are your cookies?




Mom says I’m a silly dog. She says a smart dog would have eaten all the cookies and then knowing how forgetful my Mom is, she wouldn’t remember if she had actually put the cookies there or if she had already eaten them. Hmmm – maybe Mom has a point.

But if I were Mom, I would be concerned about how dirty that furniture is. She could have caught a terrible disease from all those germs and did you notice that she didn’t use a coaster for her hot drink.  Now who is the smart dog?

Got to nap! (burb!)

Love Lexi






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