Let’s go!

Hey, it’s me.  It’s Lexi!!!!

Mom says I’m spoiled. Everyone just loves me. I go to the dog park and everyone wants to pet me. Mom gets “mad” and tells them not to pet me. How dare she say that!  She says I should be running around. Well, I can’t run all the time. I do need to rest up and getting a nice belly rub from someone is a good reason to stop running around.

My Mom is working very hard these days. She leaves the house really early in the morning, but she tries to be home for dinner. But I don’t wait to eat with her. Mom says I’m independent.

The other day, Mom told me she was getting ready for a trunk show. I don’t know what a trunk show is, but Mom got out this great big box. She called it a suitcase. If it’s a suitcase, why did she put quilts in it?  She should have put suits in it!

But look how comfy this box is.


Princess Lexi 

Mom said I reminded her of the story  The Princess and the Pea. I don’t think so as I was very comfortable with just two quilts. I bet Mom could take me with her to work in that big suitcase and no one would know. I would sleep quietly all day and we could go to the dog park on our way home.  Hey Mom – what do you think???   I miss you during the day and I want to be with you. I love you Mom!!!!

Wel that suitcase thing is very comfy and while Mom was running around finding quilts to fill the suitcase, I was happy to just sit there while she did her thing.

Waiting for Mom

I wish my Mom could be home more often. She plays with me and tomorrow, I’ll tell you what else she does.

But now it’s time for my nap.

Love Lexi



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