Hey everyone – it’s me!!  It’s LEXI!!!

Yep, this is me standing at my water dish. I just came back from the dog park and I’m exhausted. My tongue always hangs out when I come home from the dog park. There’s always some serious exercising going at the park. And I have tons of friends. Not like my Mom.  She’s too busy to have friends!


I’m thirsty!

I’m not a big eater, and I needed to put on some weight when I came to my new home. When we went to the vet two weeks ago, he said, I couldn’t eat anymore!  I’m going to starve!  Mom says to stop being a drama queen. The vet actually said that I shouldn’t put on any more weight!

Mom never gives me treats, she says I don’t need them. But my Dad gives me treats all the time. But Mom doesn’t know. Well she didn’t know.  I love my Dad!

Maybe I’ll eat, maybe I won’t



And how did Mom know that Dad was giving me treats. I slipped up. Mom opened the cupboard where the special stuff is.  Mom does give me some treats from time to time. Not like Dad and not like the lady who comes to clean the house. I always get treats from her. When I heard the cupboard open, I couldn’t help myself. I went and stood by the door.  And that’s when Mom started asking questions.  My Mom is smart!

I don’t really care, I’m not motivated by food and well, it’s almost 9 AM and I haven’t eaten my breakfast yet. I will when I’m hungry. Just not hungry at the moment.

I’m really tired though as I was at the dog park and I need a nap!

Love Lexi



One thought on “Busted

  1. Lexi ,
    How awesome that your humans take you to the dog park!
    We hardly ever get to go there. But if our humans see this maybe they will take the hint!
    Take care of your humans and may your water bowl always be full,
    CC & Joy


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