Hey – psssst – It’s ME – Lexi!!!!!


Life has been totally crazy at our house!  Mom comes home from work and then she sits at the computer all night.  What about ME?   I need attention – I need lots of attention. I keep trying to bump her hand with my wet nose so she will get the message to “play with me!”  Sometimes it works and some times it doesn’t.  She says she is BUSY.

And then she scared me to death this morning.  I’m sleeping in my bed by the couch. Now I was having a lot of trouble sleeping last night and Mom slept on the couch beside me.  Why was I have trouble sleeping?  Well I heard a noise in the backyard and I looked out the window. It’s my job to protect after all. Well guess what I saw?  TWO rabbits.  Yes – TWO rabbits and they were in my space.  How dare they move into my space. This is not acceptable. Mom knew the rabbits were there and I wanted out, but Mom wouldn’t let me.  So I whined and cried and fussed for a long long time. Mom kept telling me to go to sleep. How can you sleep when there is excitement right at your door step?   This morning, I’m dead asleep in my bed and next thing I know, Mom’s face is right in mine. WHOA – don’t do that!  That was scary!


Now there seems to be a trust issue in our house. Why?  Mom doesn’t trust me with the forest. She says the clasp on the gate isn’t the best so look what she did to prevent me from escaping. Not one bungee cord, but TWO bungee cords. Mom!!!   Really???





Bungee cords on the gate



Seriously – if I really really wanted to go and explore the forest – I could easily jump this fence. See I’m as tall as the fence. But I’m not interested.  I’m perfectly happy to keep my Mom happy and stay in the backyard.  Because even though that fence is not super high, I can’t really get a run at it to jump over.  That darn bicycle is in the way!





Look – I’m as tall as the fence
Me in my backyard domain


Well – guess what happened yesterday. I thought Mom was going to have a heart attack, but I was just having some fun!  We went into the forest to have a walk before she went to work. I was on my leash and Little Sammy was just walking along.  Just outside our gate, there is a big tree and two raccoons live in that tree.  I was so excited that I went to investigate. Then I got wrapped around the tree and Mom was trying to get me to come back around the right way.  She was pulling extra hard on my leash. I couldn’t see the tree because I was so excited. And then it happened.

There was some slack on the leash.

I looked at the leash.

Mom looked at the leash.

I looked at Mom.

Mom looked at me.

Little Sammy looked at nothing. (she’s half blind and deaf and had no idea what happened)


I had twisted my head and guess what – MY COLLAR CAME OFF. And guess what’s attached to the collar. My leash.


At the same moment, Mom and I both realized what happened. Mom is quick, but I’m quicker and WHOOSH – I was GONE.




Oh it’s so fun to run in the forest and the first thing I did was run to the squirrel tree that Mom never lets me play at.

Then I ran and I ran and I ran.  Mom and Little Sammy were following me.  Mom was whistling and calling my name so I knew they were safe. I ran into another dog and Mom caught up to me. I was sniffing and chatting to this dog and I thought Mom was going to ask the man (with the dog) to grab me, but I think she knew that I was too slippery to be caught that way.  When Mom was almost beside me – I said a quick good-bye to the other dog and I was gone.  Had way more exploring to do.

Now I’ve been in the forest many times, so I knew the route and for the most part, I kept to that route.  Mom was still whistling and calling my name.  But I wasn’t ready to go home yet – are you kidding me?   I kept coming back to tease my Mom. She would be looking for me in front of her and I’d whiz by from behind. I did make her back track once. But I covered the entire walk – well probably two times!  My tongue was hanging out so long – I was so thirsty.

Finally I got close to Mom and I was getting pretty tired by then. I needed some loving, so I let Mom pet me and next thing I knew that darn collar and leash was back on. But what fun – forty minutes of freedom in the forest.

I sure hope Mom let’s me do that again.  What excitement – what a crazy adventure.  Mom says that it won’t happen again – not until I learn to come when I’m called.  I guess I won’t be running in the forest for a long time. That listening thing is just too hard.

Well I’m exhausted and I need a nap.

Love Lexi!


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