Dirty dog!

Hi – it’s me – it’s LEXI!!!!


Are we there yet?

I’m mad at my Mom.   I keep asking her to help me with the blog and she says – I can use the computer anytime.  But MOM!  I can’t turn it on – my paw is too big for that!


While my paws are too big to turn on the computer – they’re just the right size for DIGGING!  And there’s a whole big backyard for me to dig!  Mom says I have to stop – but Mom doesn’t always see what I’m doing in the backyard.

And guess what happened.  Do you remember when my Mom said she was out walking us dogs at 5 AM.  Guess what happened!  Guess!!!   Let me tell you.

Mom came home from work one night. Dad was home and he had let Little Sammy and me outside. Dad told Mom he could hear barking and thought it was me.  Mom opened the door and yep – she said it was me. Except I wasn’t in the back yard and I was barking and barking like crazy.  I was calling for someone to come and see what I was doing!

Mom got her coat and boots on and started into the forest where I calling her to come. When Mom arrived, I was dancing and dancing around a big tree because I had cornered a raccoon up the tree and I wanted Mom to see how good a dog I was.

Mom caught me by surprise and grabbed by my collar and said “good dog Lexi – now we have to go back home.”   “Wait a minute!!!!!!!!!!  What’s going on???   I didn’t call her to take me back home.  No, I wanted her to get that raccoon out of the tree so we could play. My plan backfired!”

Do you want to know how I got on the other side of the fence?  Yep – I just jumped.  That fence is so low, I bet even Little Sammy could jump it if she tried!  Sometimes, I wonder just how smart my Mom is.

Well – it gets even better and just goes to prove who is the smart one in our family. That same night – it was mere minutes later, Mom and Dad were having dinner.  They were talking about boring stuff – anything that isn’t about me – is boring.  So I asked to go out and Mom without thinking let me out. And next thing you know – I was calling her to come and get the raccoon out of the tree again. Duh, Mom.  What other reason did you think I wanted out?

Mom came to get me again, except this time, I was smart. I wouldn’t let her catch me.  And guess what – I got to run around the forest AGAIN.  It took about 40 minutes for me to get tired.  But I had a glorious run.  I sniffed everywhere, ran everywhere, and I loved it.

Mom was following me (well as best as she can follow ME – I’m fast, she is not!)  And finally I let her catch me, but I was getting tired by then and I was ready to go home.

Mom says I can’t be in the backyard without S U P E R V I S I O N  in the future until the fence gets fixed.

But look what other fun stuff there is in the backyard.  Mom took these pictures a while ago and I’m not sure I can fit in this same space now (I’ve put on weight)- I bet I could, but there is no need. I’ve chased the rabbits that lived there away.


If I squeeze down – I can do it!
Oh shoot – can’t dig there – there’s a rock under that snow!
Can’t dig there – there a board in the ground!
Come and find me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peek a boo – here I am!!!!
And a squeeze to get out
The dirtier you are – the more fun you’ve had!  I had a LOT of fun
Fun fun fun!!!!!!!


Well, it’s time for my nap.

Have a great day!!!!


Love Lexi!


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