Nightime adventures

It’s ME – it’s Lexi!!!!



I had so much fun tonight – I just had to share it with you. My Mom wasn’t very happy but it was all her fault. I’m totally blameless.

You see – there is SNOW on the ground. And I’m a Husky.  Husky dogs love snow. When Mom got home from work, she took us for a LITTLE walk.  A LITTLE walk – come on – we’ve been cooped up in the house all day – we want more than a LITTLE walk.

She said she didn’t have enough time before she had to go to a meeting. Then we were left in the house again all by ourselves. Now I do have to say that Little Sammy and I are on our best behaviour when we are left alone. We usually sleep or hang out watching stuff out the window.

When Mom had to come home from her meeting early because Dad forgot his keys and when he got home, he couldn’t get in the house. Mom wasn’t happy at all. Then she sat at the computer and TOTALLY ignored me. Now I wasn’t happy.

I kept bugging her and bugging her. You know – I would try to push her hand away from the computer. She kept saying “just a minute Lexi”.  Well dogs can’t tell time  – we don’t wear watches. I don’t know what she was thinking.

At last, I had harrassed her enough that she said we could go out. Yipppeeeeeee!!!!!   Whoa – we aren’t going for a walk? – nope – we’re going to the DOG PARK!!!!!  How do I  know that?  Well when she doesn’t put a leash on Little Sammy – I know we’re going to the dog park. YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!   Mom says I have energy to burn and she was going to make me run around that park.

When we arrived there were FIVE cars. Friends to play with – I was so excited.  Oh my goodness – we were running and running. Everyone asks how old I am.  That’s because I’m special!  Guess what? I’m almost 2 years old. But I’m quick – I’m a bit little, but I’m quick and I can change directions FAST!  There was another dog who looked almost like me. She was a bit bigger, but I was faster!

Well those friends didn’t stay too long and then it was just Bailey and me. Bailey is the one that looks like me. Then another dog came along called Seven.  Yeah – I thought that was a weird name.  Oh my goodness – we ran and ran and ran and ran.  My tongue was hanging out so long.  But I was having so much fun.  Then Seven decided to go home and Mom decided it was time for us to go as well.

We were almost out of the park when Mom realized that she didn’t have her keys. Oh yipppeeeee – we get to stay at the dog park ALL NIGHT.  I was jumping and jumping – I was so happy. Little Sammy wanted to go home. Mom was NOT happy.  She checked all her pockets – THREE times. No keys. She checked where she had to pick up the poop – no keys. Then Mom said we were going to walk home so she could get the spare key for the car. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to go home – I want to stay at the dog park forever. Mom said NO!  She had to trick me to put my leash on – I didn’t want to leave. Little Sammy didn’t have a leash, but she kept pretty close to us as Mom MARCHED us home. It is about 1.5 KM from our house to the dog park.

That walk was so much fun – I want Mom to walk us there ALL the time.  Besides – it would be good exercise for my Mom. Not saying that she needs it, but I’m so slim. We even got to cross a big street with lights. Mom was very worried about Little Sammy, but I think Sammy was scared and stayed right with Mom.

We got home and Mom had to go to the bathroom. She must have been in a hurry because all of a sudden, the front door popped open.  Oh my – Mom isn’t here to stop me and I couldn’t help myself.  I jumped out of the front door and into the snow. FREEDOM!!!!!!

Mom came out of the bathroom and she said a BAD WORD when she saw the front door open. I heard her even though I was at the neighbours. Mom has a pretty sharp eye because she looked around and then DRAT – she spotted me in the neighbour’s driveway.  She called my name “Lexi!”   I felt really bad for her so I ran right home and into the house.  Mom was very happy and I was glad that she was happy.

Then she got the spare key for the car and a flashlight so  she could walk back to the dog park to get the car.  I don’t think she was very happy. At least it was a beautiful evening and  Mom was already bundled up from being at the dog park. But she wouldn’t let us go with her. She said she had had enough stress for one evening and needed some quiet time.

Mom said that when she got to the park with Sammy’s flashlight – well it stays on Sammy’s leash, she found the keys in about 1 minute.  My Mom was jumping up and down with joy!!!

But Little Sammy and I were waiting for her when she got home. We didn’t want her to think that we weren’t thinking about her. No way – we love our Mom.

That was an exhausting night and now I must go to bed to sleep.

Love Lexi!



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