It’s all about the poop!

Hi everyone – it’s Lexi!


I’ve been bottling up my stories all week, and I’ve decided rather than tell you all my stories on one day – NOPE – I’m going to spread them out over several days.

Mom has been concerned about my poop! She says it’s too soft. Oh if you are squeamish about dog poop – you may want to skip this part. But it’s not gross or anything!

I went to see my NEW doggie doctor last week. At first, I was excited – Little Sammy and I jumped in the car, and we went to the dog park.  But we didn’t stay long.  Mom asked me to have a poop – “what’s the hurry ?”  I asked her back. She said she needed a stool sample.  I don’t know what that means, but she seems frazzled so I did what she asked. Then she scooped up the poop into a bag (actually two bags – just because) and then we were back in the car. Wait a minute – that wasn’t a long stop at the dog park. “SAMMY – we’ve been tricked!”

But we didn’t go home either. Nope  – we went to the doggie doctor. They are also called a V E T E R I N A R I A N.  That is a BIG long word – I like doggie doctor better.

I was so excited, there were all kinds of dog smells everywhere.  I was a pretty good dog. I did wander around a bit but I also stayed nice and quiet beside Mom.  But when this lady came to take my picture, I went ballistic. I tried to lick her face, I tried to kiss her. I tried everything so she couldn’t take my picture. – only my Mom is allowed to take pictures of me.  Eventually the lady at the doggie doctor place  got one picture that was half decent.

Then we went into this little room. There is this shiny silver table and I was so curious, I wanted to see what was up there. It was too high to jump, so Mom put me up there.   “WHOA!  This is pretty scary up here!!!”   I wasn’t a happy puppy, but Mom wouldn’t let me jump down.  I had to lie very still on the table so I wouldn’t fall off.  It was dangerous!

I got TREATS from the doggie doctor and for the FIRST TIME ever, Little Sammy actually took a treat from the doggie doctor as well.  I’m such a good influence on that old dog. She checked my heart, she checked my ears, she looked at my weight and she looked at my poop. Oh boy!

Turns out, I’m in pretty good health.  I have put on 3 KG since I came to Canada. Mom was concerned that I’m still pretty skinny, but the doggie doctor said that I shouldn’t weigh more than 20 KG.  Huskies (I’m a Siberian Husky – did you know that???) – well we are supposed to be lean in the body.  So I get to eat for another 3 KG and then Mom says I go on a maintenance diet.  I don’t like the sound of that word DIET!  She means that she will be watching what I eat. OH – that sounds better.

They even did some tests on my poop because apparently Huskies (like ME!) are known to have unusual parasites in their poop.  But guess what – my poop is free of parasites!!!!!     Yeah – I’m glad because they sounded icky whatever they are.

I’m a very special dog because now I get to eat P R E S C R I P T I O N  diet dog food.  Yep – only SPECIAL dogs get to eat it.


My new prescription diet!!!

On top of that, I get to have this other stuff.  It’s a S U P P L E M E N T.  Did you notice that when you go to the doggie doctor – all the words they use are H U G E!!!!!

This other stuff is like a P R O B I O T I C.   Just like for real people.

Forti FLora for canines!

Don’t you love the name of that product. It makes me think of farty which is funny since this is for diarrehea and well – OK, Mom says that I’ve gone far enough with this.

Look my very first P R E S C R I P T I O N from this doggie doctor

The combination of the two are supposed to make my poop – well better. Mom says it’s better and it’s only been a couple of days. I’ll keep you in the loop with the scoop on the poop.  Isn’t that funny?????  Now Mom is warning me that she won’t let me continue if I don’t clean up my act!


Mom took us to the dog park yesterday morning before she had to go to work.  I LOVE my new Mom.  She didn’t go to the gym, so she could take us to the park. Isn’t she just the best Mom ever????

Look at the gorgeous picture that my Mom took yesterday. The sun was coming up and even I noticed how beautiful it was.

Sun rise at the dog park

We were at the dog park again this morning. Same time – BORING!


Dog park – 24 hours later


It was kind of wet this morning but I didn’t care.  Mom told me I had to be careful. Well not exactly – she said I had to be careful that I didn’t pull her with my leash and make her fall on the ice on the way to the gate. Mom said it was dangerous. Well NOT for me. But I did give her a break and tried very hard to walk slowly. But it was so much fun – this stuff is super slippery and super slidey and well – I was just loving it!!!!


Danger alert (that’s for my Mom)


While we were at the park, I saw someone riding a bicycle.

Someone is riding their bike (on the right)

Oh I want to ride a bike!  Mom says that dogs can’t ride bikes, but she says dogs can do something very cool with bikes.  She explained it to me and the doggie doctor said I could do it. The only thing is – it’s going to take some training and the doggie doctor said we have to be very careful. And some of the videos we saw on the internet said we need GOOD BRAKES.  Hmmm – I wonder why they would say that?   Do you want to know what it is????   DO ya??? Do ya??? do ya?????   It’s called bikejoring.    Check out that link and you will see.  Mom and I are going to have so much fun!!! Mom says she even has a mountain bike that she never uses.  Well – we’re going to make a lot of use of that bike.  Unfortunately Little Sammy can’t participate – this is only for FAST dogs.    Is it summer yet?  I told Mom that we could do it on skiis, but Mom says she isn’t a good cross country skiing and it would be too dangerous.

Do you know what I think?  Mom’s a coward!!!!!   So we just have to wait until spring, but Mom says we can practise – I have to get used to the bike and being in a harness so we have to practise. I hope I’m going to like practising.

This is a picture of me in the back of the car when we get home from the dog park.  I am NOT interesting in getting out of the car.  I love leaning up against the back seat and just chilling. Mom doesn’t understand that I could stay here forever, but NOPE – I have to get out when we get home and go in the house. BORING!

That’s ME in the car 

And guess what??????   Did you know they have a magazine all about ME!!!!   Yes – it’s all about Siberian Huskies and that means ME!!!!   Mom bought it when we were at the pet store. It has all kinds of information about me becuase I’m a very special dog and I need special kinds of loving and petting and this magazine tells my Mom exactly what to do!  I love this magazine. That’s where we found out about bikejoring!


Siberian Huskies magazine

I’m pretty exhausted now and I need a nap.

Love Lexi!!!!!
















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