I’m FAMOUS!!!!

Good morning – it’s Lexi!   And I’m famous!

There is so much going on around here, I don’t have time to blog, but now that I’m famous, I have to take a minute from playing with my sister Murphy to tell you all about ME!

I have my very own quilt block! I have other stuff to show you as well, but this just got posted TODAY and I have to share.

Mom is at work and isn’t here to help me post the pictures, but I think I got the link OK.

I’m famous, I’m famous – Murphy isn’t!  0003

Love Lexi!





One thought on “I’m FAMOUS!!!!

  1. Gosh, Lexi, I wish I’d known about this earlier. I met your mom at Quilt Canada last week and didn’t realize she was housing such a celebrity. I would have asked for your autograph, or a spare clump of dog hair. ☺


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