Spring has arrived

Hey everyone – it’s me!  It’s Lexi!!!!

Guess what? Spring has arrived in our neighbourhood. Mom says that just because the calendar says that spring is here, it doesn’t mean that spring is really here. Mom says that it’s too cold for spring. Well Murphy and I disagree 100%.  This is PERFECT dog weather. The temperature is not too hot so we can run around like crazy dogs.

The rabbits and squirrels are out in full force so we have something to keep our attention in the back yard. I even caught another rabbit a couple of weeks ago, but Mom wouldn’t let me keep it. She got rid of it cause – well I played a bit too hard with the rabbit and all of a sudden, it wasn’t moving any more. Mom said it was gross – I just wanted someone to play with. Sure I could have played with Murphy but I wanted something soft and cuddly and LITTLE.

The coyotes are in the green space behind the backyard and the other night, they were howling. Mom wouldn’t let me and Murphy outside and we were ticked off to say the least. Mom – this is exciting stuff in our neighbourhood and we NEED to be part of the howling and barking and jumping around. Never mind that it was 10 PM at night – that’s just when the fun starts outside, but Mom won’t let us out unsupervised at night or early in the morning any more because Murphy barks. I don’t bark, well I never used to. But Murphy taught me how!  Mom is thrilled! OK – she’s not thrilled and now we’re trapped in the house like prisoners until it gets light outside.

Do you want to see the other most awesome side of spring?  Look at us!  Well, I’m in pretty good shape, but look at Murphy!!!

Murphy is a mess

I don’t know how she gets so dirty, but she looks funny. Mom says she looks like someone dipped her in mud – just the bottom part of her. But LOOK at me!  I’m not muddy. Mom likes me best because I’m less work. Murphy is high maintenance and Mom says Murphy is going to the groomer and she’s going to get trimmed. I hope they shave all her hair off!

And what was Murphy doing to get so dirty? She was tring to get a rabbit out from under the gazebo. Dad says the rabbit was long gone. I agree, but Murphy – well Murphy doesn’t pay attention so she missed the part of the rabbit scooting under the fence.

I like having Murphy here. You know why? Because it makes me look like an angel. I can never do anything bad. Murphy is just way too excited. She likes to pull on her leash, she likes to chew things, she likes to bark. I don’t do any of that. I’m the good dog and Murphy is, well she’s just Murphy!

But now we’ve been to the park and it’s time to chill out in the backyard. I’ve got to keep the squirrels and rabbits out of the backyard since they don’t want to play with me.

Love Lexi


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