Tales of woe…………….

Hey – it’s me – it’s LEXI!!!!!


Mom – help! We need a bigger car. See how squished I am back here? Not only do I have to share the back with Murphy, but she takes up a LOT of room. I don’t get to sit in the middle. Bigger car – please!

Mom says that I’m a princess. I’m delicate – well except when I’m fighting with the boy dogs at the park. Then I’m a        d o m i n a t r i x.       Mom helped with that big word! I like to wrestle those boys to the ground. I stand on their tummies, I grab their necks and I stand over them while they are pinned to the ground. Take that – you beastly boys! But other than that, I’m a princess. I don’t make any messes in the house, I don’t steal things, I’m just perfect. Mom has a nickname for me – sweetness. I love when she gives me a cuddle and calls me sweetness.

Murphy, well Murphy is Murphy. Murphy isn’t a bad dog, Murphy is….. well, Murphy is BUSY. Mom calls Murphy her busy dog. Murphy has to check out EVERYTHING. When she goes to the park, she doesn’t really care about any other dogs. She doesn’t play with me. She just wants to play ball. Today she was running and running and running and her tongue was hanging out a lot!


Mom took this picture yesterday. There isn’t much snow left today and Murphy’s tongue is barely hanging out here. Today it was practically dragging on the ground! Mom says I’m exaggerating, but I’m not!

While I’m the sweet one, Murphy is the one that gets into trouble. Look what happened.

Murphy kind of chewed the leg for Mom’s new tuffet. What’s a tuffet anyway? Can I lay on it? Mom says it’s not that bad since this part of the leg is underneath the tuffet. She wasn’t mad.

A little chew on the tuffet leg

And then Murpy got into Mom’s gym bag and look what she did.

Bye bye flip flops

Mom loved those because they were orange. When Mom finally bought a new pair, they are purple. She says her friend Ronda would like them, but when you’re desparate, you take what you can get. Notice Murphy didn’t eat the flip flop, just chewed off the little point.

My Mom likes to sew, but we’re not allowed in the basement. Oh no – I don’t like the stairs and so Murphy  can’t go there either. Mom says it’s best that way. But Murphy wants to learn to sew. Whenever Mom leaves her stuff around, Murphy has to check it out.

Look what Mom found the other day. Murphy went into Mom’s hand stitching box and stole this spool of thread.

A stolen spool of thread
A little dented
Those looks like teeth marks

BUT, the bottom line, the spool of thread is still useable. Mom just picked it up.  At least it’s not as bad as this.

Ooops – 

Mom says Murphy is very clever because this spool of thread had some vinyl wrapped around the middle to keep the thread from sliding off. Murphy figured out how to slide off the thread and the vinyl is still in place.

Murphy also got into some pins, but she is FINE!  I hope Mom is learning a lesson. Murphy is a busy dog and anything dangerous, well Murphy doesn’t know the difference so Mom has to be more careful.  I saw Mom tidying up her hand sewing box the other day so Murphy can’t get into it anymore.

So I’m all sweetness and Murphy is all about being busy. Together, we have so much fun. We rip around the back yard, we play with each other, we go for walks together although Muprhy needs to learn how to walk properly. It’s getting annoying to walk with her and Mom says she doesn’t have time to walk us separately. I’m going to have a chat with Murphy!

After playing at the park for an hour this morning, I need a nap to recharge and then we’ll be outside for the rest of the day.

Love Lexi


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