Hey – it’s me – it’s Lexi!!!


I’m going to have to talk to my Mom because she isn’t taking enough pictures of ME. It’s always pictures of Murphy. Murphy this, Murphy that!  You’d think that Murphy was cuter than me or something. WELL – I’m the cutest dog around. Murphy is just – well Murphy.

If nothing else, us dogs are plenty of entertainment around here. Sometimes, my Mom and Dad get exasperated if Murphy does something and then they say “jesus Murphy!  And then they break out laughing. I don’t know why.  But they never have to say that about me! Because I’m perfect.

Guess where I slept last night?  Yep – outside!!  It was awesome. It was snowing and I felt like a real Husky for the first time in a long time. Husky dogs are tough you know and we can live outside. Some people say we have wolf in us!  I slept in my cozy spot under the shed and I was perfectly happy.

Murphy must have missed me because Mom said that when she got up, Murphy was tightly curled into a ball in my SMALL bed. I never touch Murphy’s stuff, but Murphy always cleans out my food dish, she sleeps in my bed and she tried to steal stuff from me.

Mom said we should share these pictures of Murphy in the backyard because they are funny and cute and they make her feel happy.


Winding up
Gathering speed
Prepping to land
Perfect landing
Off to sniff

My Mom loves this picture so here it is again!!

This is fun!

Let’s just say that even though our backyard isn’t all that big, Murphy and I run around a LOT. I’m too fast for Mom to get a picture of me. Murphy is just slow.

Rounding the corner

Look at ME in this picture. I’m balanced on the edge of the deck on ONE leg.  Now that’s a cool picture.  Murphy needs all four legs – I only need ONE – OK, Mom says my other foot is on the edge of the step. Well JUST on the edge – it doesn’t really count.

Balancing act
Our favourite pastime – mouth wrestling
Ferocious looking
Run Murphy – I’m right behind you!

We’ve already been to the dog park this morning where we got to play for almost one hour. We love the dog park.  I love to howl when we are almost there and Murphy barks, but sometimes Murphy copies me and howls too. I can see my Mom in that shiny thing at the front of the car and she’s laughing! I love when my Mom laughs!

But when we get to the driveway, Murphy goes crazy. Barking and barking. Mom opens the car door and we’re gone! We run to the gate and Murphy is barking because she wants her ball. Mom throws the ball for Murphy and then Murphy carries it around the entire time – even when she is chasing another dog.

We have so much fun at the dog park. It’s the best place in the whole world!

We don’t even have time for a nap. There is a backyard to protect and I need to help Murphy walk the perimeter.

Love Lexi


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