It’s all about Murphy!

Hey – it’s me!  It’s LEXI!!!  You know that I got a new sister a couple of months ago. At first, I wasn’t very happy about Murphy! I was an only dog and all the attention was on ME! But the more I get to know Murphy and the more Murphy fits in our house, well she’s not so bad after all.  And if for no other reason than she and I play in the backyard almost all day!  I love her!!!

This is me just chilling in the backyard which I share with Murphy

Mom says I should share some things about Murphy on my blog and I decided it would be OK.

Murphy and I like to watch the people and the dogs and the animals that walk through the forest. Mom says we are the best dogs ever because we don’t try to get over or under the fence. Mom says that’s a good thing. I know Mom will tie us up in the backyard if we try that cause that’s what happened to me last year. I didn’t like it so I told Murphy – NO jumping the fence. We could jump that fence – easy as pie!

Watching the people on the path in the forest

One of our favourite things to do in the backyard is to chase each other. It doesn’t matter if I’m chasing Murphy or Murphy is chasing me. We LOVE running around and if I need a break, then I sneak in under the deck. Murphy doesn’t like it as much as I do so I can get away from her any time I want. I can also get away from Mom and Dad too and I’ve slept outside all night a couple of times.

One time was last week. Mom said it was too cold to sleep outside, but I’m a HUSKY!! Huskies like the cold. Mom couldn’t sleep because she didn’t think it was right that I was outside and around midnight she looked out the window and there I was sitting by the fence, just watching. I felt sorry for my Mom and so I decided to come in the house. Boring!!!!!

Look at Murphy running across the back of the yard. At full speed and Murphy is FAST.


And then there is this little bush right in the way. Murphy just jumps over the bush. My Mom laughs ever time Murphy jumps which is a LOT. My Mom thinks it’s very therapeutic to have dogs. Even my Dad loves us both a LOT. That’ boring – if I’m going to jump, I’d rather jump over something big – like the fence. But that would be bad and so I don’t jump at all.


One of Murphy’s other favourite things to do is to lie in the snow. She likes to bury her head in the snow and well – she’s just a silly dog.

Hanging out in the snow

When we get tired of chasing each other, then we play. We mouth wrestle which is loads of fun. We’re very rough and sometimes when we go to the dog park and we play with other dogs, we forget that those other dogs aren’t as tough as we are. Then Mom and sometimes the other owners are yelling at us to “take it easy”, “gentle Lexi”. I know my limits!  I don’t need some humans yelling at me when I’m having fun!

Look at Murphy. She’s so lazy sometimes when we mouth wrestle. She stretches out on the deck and makes me do all the hard work. Lazy dog!


Phew, when I finished the blog, I used to need a nap, but not any more. I’m on my way outside to run around with Murphy and we’ve already been running outside and we were also at the dog park.

I love my forever home. Murphy does too.

Love Lexi


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