We’ve got company

Hey – it’s me. It’s Lexi!  Well, technically it’s ME! But it’s actually Murphy and ME. We’re best buds and well, I don’t go anywhere without Murphy!

Murphy and Lexi

My world is turning upside down. It turned upside down when Murphy came along. Once we both realized that this was going to be Murphy’s new forever home, we’ve become the best of friends. If Murphy is outside, then I have to be outside. If Murphy is inside, then I have to be inside. But we don’t ask to go in or out at the same time and it drives my Mom crazy! She tries to herd us in or out of the house at the same time and we have a lot of fun with that.

But something happened the other day. Look who showed up!


No that is NOT a bear, that’s his name. He belongs to this girl that my Mom says used to live here. Her name is M. I don’t really know her because I came to live here after she left home. But I have met her before. The girl is here for a visit and she brought her dog whose name is Bear. Bear is TINY!

Murphy and Bear

Did you see?  Bear is as big as Murphy’s head! He’s so tiny, he’s always getting in the way. Bear is a naughty dog because he pees everywhere. M took him downstairs to see my Mom and within minutes he peed. And he didn’t just pee on the floor. Nope he lifted his leg and peed on stuff. My Mom wasn’t too happy. Bear has been banished from the basement. He shouldn’t have been there in the first place as neither Murphy or I are allowed down there.

It’s always the way, the guests get special treatment!

Murphy and Bear

Mom tried to get a picture of all three of us. But she isn’t as good as her friend Shirley. Shirley has three big dogs and they are very well trained.

Shirley’s dogs

Nope, this is the picture that Mom had to settle for. We’re not even looking at the camera.

Girls – look at the camera please??

I think Dad was doing something that was way more interesting than Mom taking a picture of us. Mom did try a few more times, but we weren’t cooperating. That’s what Mom says. Hey – we’re dogs and we’ve got better things to do than get our picture taken.

Murphy wants to play with Bear. I bet Murphy could swallow Bear with one gulp! Bear is kind of cute, but I don’t bother too much with him. I’ve never like to play with toys although Mom says that Bear is not a toy! Murphy likes to play with toys and so he loves Bear. Bear gets to sit on the sofa, so Murhpy thought he could too, but Dad told Murphy NO. She wasn’t happy, but it all worked out.

Got to run. There’s some serious play going to happen soon at the dog park.  I need a quite nap.

Love Lexi


One thought on “We’ve got company

  1. Oh bear is so cute, when I am old(er) and sitting in my rocking chair I want a little bear to cuddle. How is M enjoying being out west? Guess she misses you two. Have a fun day.


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