All the world’s a stage

Hey, it’s me – it’s Lexi!!!!   Yep – I got a new sister. Her name is Murphy and I LOVE her. She’s my best friend in the whole world.

One of our favourite things to do is play in the backyard. We could play there all day and sometimes we do. We run and we run and we run some more. Then we take a quick break and then we run again. We also love to wrestle. I don’t know which I like to do best – run or wrestle.

Murphy and Lexi playing on the hot tub

Our Mom likes to take pictures of us. Here’s another one of us on the hot tub.

On the hot tub

My Mom doesn’t use the hot tub and it’s a perfect stage for us to play on. I never used to jump up there, but Murphy showed me how and well, I like being on stage. I think Mom is going to have to buy us a new swimming pool though. She didn’t put the old one away properly and now with all the ice and snow, I think it’s toast. Murphy likes to play in the water and so do I, so MOM, we need a new pool.

Murphy is a very, very smart dog and Mom says that I could learn a few things by hanging around Murphy. Because I don’t like the stairs, Murphy isn’t allowed to upstairs or downstairs. Mom says that it’s only fair. And even though Mom has something to block the stairs, Murphy doesn’t try to go up or down the stairs. BUT the other day, Murphy wanted to play ball and Mom was downstairs. Guess what Murphy did?

Murphy stood at the top of the stairs and dropped her ball. See in the picture, her ball is at the bottom of the stairs, but Murphy is at the top. She’s a good dog!

Play catch with me!

Mom threw the ball up the stairs and Murphy dropped it back down again. She did that about 6 times. My Mom was laughing so hard. But that Murphy is clever!

Since Mom wouldn’t play ball with Murphy, she wanted to play ball with ME.  I don’t really play ball. So Murphy dropped the ball at my feet and then tried to encourage me to play. Help Mom!!  I don’t know how to play ball with another dog.

Help Mom – I don’t know how to play ball with another dog!

Murphy is also patient. Look at how intently she is staring at the squirrel in the backyard and she not barking or anything. She learned that from ME!

Keeping an eye on the daring squirrel

And here we are in one of our other favourite backyard activities. Just chilling out like best buds do. Mom says don’t look at all the dog goop on the window.

Murphy and Lexi – best buds


I love my new sister. She’s the best dog ever – well besides me.

Mom says that we are over the worst of Murphy’s transition to her new forever home. We all still have a few things to work on, but it’s all good!

Hey Murphy, let’s go outside. Catch me if you can!!!!

Love Lexi!









4 thoughts on “All the world’s a stage

  1. Elaine! Elaine! Elaine! Do NOT leave stuff on the side of the steps like that. The next thing you know you’ll end up at the bottom with a broken ankle. Ask me how I know that. I know it’s so easy to put things there “for now” but it’s a dangerous habit. Please learn from my mistake.


  2. Who cares about the goop in the window, it’s a typical dog-owner window, believe me. The fun thing is to see the dogs enjoying each other. It was very nice reading this. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your private life. ;^)


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