Mom! Murphy’s doing bad things!

Hey, it’s me. It’s super sweet, super obedient Lexi! I never get in trouble.  Hey – why is this picture of me when I got sprayed by a skunk here? You’re ruining my image!


Super sweet, never gets into trouble Lexi!

I’m just the best dog in the whole world, MOM!  Murphy’s on the couch…………

Not anymore

(although my Mom watched Murphy sit in front of that sofa and contemplate how to get up. It was late at night and the basket on the right was in a slightly different position and after a little thought, Murphy jumped up and went behind the basket. Mom was watching from upstairs. Mom came down and Murphy had to get off the couch!  Bad dog Murphy!!!)

MOM – Murphy’s on the other couch!

That’s a big couch – we need a lot of stuff to block that one off

And Dad forgot to put the stuff back on the couch last night and guess where Murphy was sleeping this morning when my Mom checked!  She was on the couch!  I only jumped up once when I came to live here and I never jumped again. I know how to listen. Murphy does not!  Mom says that Murphy has to learn as Murphy was probably allowed to jump on the furniture at her old home. It’s hard to break habits. Well, Murphy just doesn’t listen!

Mom, Murphy’s sleeping in my bed!

Murphy – that is NOT your bed!

Even though Murphy has a big cushy dog bed (and I got a hand me down!), Murphy likes to sleep in my bed! But Murphy NEVER sleeps in my kennel. EVER. I’ll kill her if she goes in there! (Lexi!!)

Mom, Murphy went upstairs!

Not anymore!

I don’t like the stairs and I only went upstairs TWICE when I first came here because my Mom dragged me up the stairs.  I told her that I don’t like stairs and she never had to put something to stop me. Murphy just thinks she can go anywhere she wants. My Mom said if one dog can’t go upstairs, NO dogs go upstairs.  HA Murphy!

Mom, Murphy went downstairs!

Not anymore!

I’ve never been downstairs! I don’t like stairs and Mom says if one dog can’t go downstairs, then both dogs can’t go downstairs. Thanks Mom!  It wouldn’t be fair! And besides then Murphy would spend time with my Mom and I wouldn’t be able to. I love my Mom!

Mom!  Murphy chewed her harness!

Harness is now in three bits!

Murphy came with a gentle leader because she doesn’t listen.  Mom says she is just full of enthusiasm. I say she is just a lunatic on a leash.  Mom decided that a harness would be better so she bought a brand new one for Murphy. I did let Murphy borrow mine and Mom thought it worked OK.  Then one day on the way home from the park which is a five minute car ride away, Murphy chewed her harness off! Mom was MAD!!!!


Guess what?  Murphy has to go everywhere with her gentle leader on!!!  HA HA!!!!

Murphy with her gentle leader

Murphy HATES the gentle leader. She cowers in the corner when my Mom puts it on. But when the door opens, she goes insane! Mom says Murphy needs a LOT more training on a leash!  Mom is checking out some videos on the internet to help Murphy. Once Murphy has been out for a while, she calms down a BIT.  I get to wear a harness and I’m such a good dog. I don’t pull, I just walk nice.

Lexi: Mom, how come Murphy is such a bad dog?

Mom: Murphy is just full of enthusiasm and she did things at her previous home that she isn’t allowed to do here!.

Lexi: But MOM – I did other things too and I learned very quickly not to do the bad things!  Didn’t I Mom???  I’m a good dog!!!!

Mom: Yes, Lexi, you’re a good dog!!!  Mom loves you.

Lexi: Thanks Mom!  Murphy is still a bad dog!

Mom: Lexi!

Lexi: Sorry Mom! I Love you!


Mom says she can’t get a nice picture of the two of us together because we’re too active! And on that note, it’s time to get back outside to rip around the back yard.

Love Lexi (and Murphy!)  And Happy New Year – whatever that means!









2 thoughts on “Mom! Murphy’s doing bad things!

  1. Lexi, it is so good you are tolerant of your younger brother, and Murphy has you to help him learn the ropes. Sometimes it takes some family members a little longer to learn stuff.. 🙂


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