Hey – it’s me. It’s Lexi. Yep BIG sister to Murphy!  Mom says that I have to write nice things about Murphy. All I’m going to say is that Murphy and I get along very well.

No today, I want to talk about my Mom!  Before Murphy and I came along, my Mom had two other dogs. One of them was my best friend, Little Sammy and I really, really miss her. My Mom really misses her as well and my Mom’s eyes always tear up when she thinks of Little Sammy.  But Mom says that we have to move on and that’s why we got Murphy!

Here’s the thing, Mom has this little sign on the back of her car. And look, there are TWO dogs on the sign.

Dogs on the back of Mom’s car

Now when Mom bought that sign, these were the two dogs she had.

Little Sammy and Sparky

I don’t know about you, but those dogs are IMPOSTERS. They don’t look anything like the sign on the car. That Sparky looks like Batman!!  My Mom must have been blind when she picked those signs.

BUT Look at the picture again!


Dogs outside the car
Dogs inside the car

I think it’s pretty clear who are the REAL dogs behind that sign on my Mom’s car. It only took her TWO tries to get it right.

It doesn’t matter because WE are the best dogs in the world. Even if Mom doesn’t always agree with that.

We get along great and here’s a picture to prove it. Mom says we were fixated on squirrels. Nope, not even close. We were GUARDING the backyard. What does Mom know about dog stuff?

Watching squirrels, I mean guarding!

We’ve already been to the park for ONE HOUR. My Mom is just the best in the whole world. I love the weekends because we get to go to the dog park TWICE and we stay about one hour each time. I love my Mom and I think Murphy does too!

But even though we came home from the park totally exhausted, we’re still not done playing and well, it’s time to beat up Murphy!  (Lexi!)  I mean, time to play with Murphy! Sorry Mom – I forgot.

Have a great day

Love Lexi


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