Murphy is a bad dog!

Hey everyone – it’s ME – It’s LEXI and I’m a good dog!  Murphy is a bad dog!

Mom says I shouldn’t write that because technically Murphy isn’t a bad dog. HMMPH!!!  Murphy is a bad dog!  Mom says I should remember when I first came to live here – that it was hard to adjust to a new place. Doesn’t matter – Murphy is a bad dog! I’m a perfect dog!

Mom just said it was OK to say Murphy is a bad dog!  (Lexi – I did NOT!) But Mom said I could only say three bad things about Murphy!  Well, that will be three things for TODAY!


Murphy and Lexi hanging out in the snow!

Did I tell you Murphy was a bad dog?  Well, let me tell you what she did! She’s so bad!

Our parents had to leave us alone in the house last week and when Mom got home, guess what? Murphy had peed! I told Murphy to wait, but NO – she was desperate and she peed right in the hallway. Mom said it could have been worse and there was no other damage so it was OK.

And the peed ran down the tile and right onto my Mom’s slippers!  My Mom loves those slippers. Mom says that perhaps it’s time to retire the slippers. Well, I could have peed on them for her! Ask ME Mom – ask ME and I’ll do anything you want!


Ooops – bye bye slippers!

See what I mean about Murphy being a bad dog?  We don’t pee in the house. Mom says that Murphy is going through an adjustment. I’ll adjust her!

Do you want to know what else Murphy did?  She fell in the pond in the backyard! Well, how silly can you be? Doesn’t she know the difference between ice and water? Mom says it’s OK and that Murphy didn’t know the pond is there.  I bet the fish are all dead – they must have died from the shock! Now the pond is almost frozen over, and Murphy knows, but she runs all over the ice. Just wait until spring – Murphy is going to be in for a big surprise and I am NOT sharing my swimming pool with her! NO!




Ooops – Murphy found the open water in the pond on her first night!

Mom says I can say one more reason that Murphy is a bad dog!  Look at her – she is TOO BIG to fit in the dog bed. Us dogs are NOT allowed on the furniture at this house. No – Mom says NO. Murphy tried to jump up once and my Dad said NO in a big voice. Murphy listens pretty well (sometimes) and only one other time did she jump on the furniture. I’ll tell you about that another time.

This bed is much too small


So my Mom bought Murphy a new bed. Look how huge it is. It is very soft and snuggly – I tried it out one day when no one was looking. I think Murphy likes it, but I’m very upset. Did I get a new bed when I came to live here?  Nope – I got hand me downs. Hey – I got hand me downs of everything!  I would like something new just for me!


Murphy snuggled in her new bed

But look what Murphy did to her new bed!  Yep – she pulled all that snuggly stuff out. Mom didn’t know what to say!

Ooops – the bedding came apart

Mom looked closer and there is a zipper that goes all the way around. Murphy must have been really upset to move the zipper all the way around. Mom is trying to close the zipper up and it is hard work!

There is a zipper in there to close the lining back up!

You see why Murphy is a bad dog! Mom says she is adjusting! She’s NOT adjusting – she’s annoying!

Mom says that I’m being too harsh! Actually we do like each other a lot. Look at us enjoying the snow.

Enjoying the snow

Actually, we’re watching the squirrels!!!!


Watching the squirrels

Did you see the picture of us at the beginning?  We love being outside together. We’re best buddies, but that doesn’t mean that Murphy isn’t a bad dog!

In case you’re wondering, I will NOT share my blog with Murphy. I won’t let her write anything. If she wants to say something, she has to tell ME. This is my blog and I’m not sharing!  (Lexi – be nice!)

Now I have to go and rest. I’m exhausted from all the running through the snow.

Love Lexi (and Murphy!)




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