Happy Anniversary to ME!

Hey everyone – it’s me – it’s LEXI and I’ve got some fabulous news!

This is ME – one year ago!

It’s my ONE year anniversary since I came to my forever home. I LOVE it here.

My Mom and Dad are just the best. They take super good care of me. I get to go to the dog park EVERY DAY and some days I go twice.

I’m a very good dog. I don’t run away anymore. I don’t chew things. I don’t climb on the furniture. I’m just the BEST dog in the whole world.

Mom said that I could have an anniversary present. I like presents. Do you want to see what  Mom got me for a present???  The BEST present ever!




Lexi and Murphy!

Mom got me a SISTER!!!!!   Now I have someone to play with all the time. Even though Murphy has only been with us for a couple of days, I LOVE her and she loves me. You can see in the picture above that I’m crazy with happiness!

I don’t have time to blog now. Murphy and I are either chasing each other around the backyard or we’re wrestling. “Murphy – catch me, catch me!  Mom – Murphy’s touching me!!!!”

Mom says we’re just like two little kids. Yep – that’s us – and we love it.

Thanks, Mom – you’re the best ever!

Now it’s time to get out in the backyard and play.

Love Lexi



4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to ME!

  1. How sweet! Lexi you do look 👀 like you are over the moon…..Murphy looks 😳More like “where am I”. But we know she’ll come to her happy place soon enough if not already.
    We asked Grannie if we could get a sister or brother but it was a “we’ll see” and you all know what that means……
    Happy for you both,
    CC & Joy🐾🐾


  2. AWWWWWWW Lexi, we’re so happy for you. There’s nothing like having a sister/brother to be with you all the time. Misty and Rio are so much happier that they have each other. What a great anniversary/holiday gift to you. And she is just as pretty as you are (now don’t get upset, you’re still gorgeous). Happy holidays, have lots of fun at the dog park. Blessed be, hugs!!! Love, Pam, Misty, and Rio


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