I’m so beautiful!

Hey everyone – it’s me. It’s Lexi!!  I’m gorgeous!  I’m gorgeous! And everyone knows it!



Lexi, beautiful Lexi!

My Mom says this has NEVER happened with any of her other dogs. Well, of course, it hasn’t because I’m so gorgeous and none of those other dogs were gorgeous!  Nope – just me.

Mom was walking me last night and we get to a fairly busy street that we have to cross. There is a man in a convertible that has the top down. I would LOVE to go for a ride in that car! But Mom said NO.  Did you notice that Mom says NO a lot?

Anyway as the man drove past us, he shouted something and my Mom didn’t quite hear what he said. But I did and I told my Mom.  Guess what he said?  Guess?? Guess!!!


He shouted “beautiful dog”.   I know my Mom is very jealous because she wishes that someone would say that about her. Let’s face it, my Mom’s OK, but well, she’s not gorgeous like me!

I danced all the way home after the walk. “I’m gorgeous, I’m gorgeous”. Mom told me to stop it as it was getting annoying!


No pictures please, I’m modest!

OK – who am I kidding.  I’m gorgeous!  Everyone at the dog park just LOVES me. They pet me and love me all the time.

Mom says I’m not allowed to run away because someone will try to take me away from my forever home and I would be very sad. So that’s why I don’t try and run away anymore.

I need some beauty sleep.

Love Lexi!



One thought on “I’m so beautiful!

  1. Yes Lexi – you are so gorgeous and I really enjoy your blog. I don’t have a pet so it makes me feel so happy when I get to hear your stories. My friend has a beautiful white husky but I don’t think he is as tall and handsome as you are. I am sure you would like to meet him, His name is Dexter.


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