Can you come out to play?

Hey – it’s me!  It’s Lexi!!!!

Mom, can you come play with me?

Something is wrong with my Mom. She is usually excited about taking me for walks and now she’s just sitting around. I haven’t even gone for a walk yet today!  I want my real Mom back!!!!  She says something bad has happened to her knee. Mom – get better real quick!

Dad has been taking me for a walk at night which is OK and Mom has taken me to the dog park in the morning. I love the dog park! There were so many dogs there yesterday – there was even another dog called Lexi, but I’m much cuter than that dog.

My Mom is making all kinds of new friends at the dog park. She doesn’t know anyone’s name, but she knows all the names of the dogs. I don’t really know the names of the dogs, but I know their smells!

There are all kinds of dogs at the dog park. There are Huskies – just like me!, there are Beagles who like to bark like crazy, but only when they are running, there are fluffy dogs, there are big dogs and there are little dogs. I need to go to the dog park everyday. Mom has to figure out a way to make that happen.

Now I have to try and get my Dad out of bed so he will take me for a walk. Dad!!!!!!!

Love Lexi


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