Boy dogs are bullies!

Hey – it’s me. It’s Lexi!!!!!!

My Mom and I went to the dog park yesterday and it was so much fun! I got to meet a new dog. His name is Bane. He’s a HUSKY – just like me. Snoopy was also there and I always play with Snoopy. Snoopy is 10 months old – he’s a beagle and he never stops playing. His Dad takes him to the park twice a day – every day and they stay for a couple of hours each time.

But my new friend also goes to the park every day – just in the morning.  The three of us had so much fun. We were running so hard around the park, the dust was flying in the air and all of our parents were laughing at us because we were so funny!

Bane and Lexi

Don’t we look awesome?  Bane’s Mom took this photo and sent it to my Mom because we were so silly looking. Bane has an instagram account, but my Mom told Bane’s Mom that I have a blog!  Mom says dogs are so much smarter than they used to be!

Boy dogs are pretty messy. Bane was slobbering all over me and my back was wet. And then he was trying some other stuff and I didn’t like it. I needed a break so I was trying to hide from the other dogs by going between these logs. Didn’t work – they jumped in the space with me. Mom says we were just out of control

Lexi and Bane
Lexi and Bane

Did you see in that last picture, I had my foot on his. I was trying to hold him down!

We sure had fun at the park – it was one of the best days ever. And guess what – we’re off to the dog park.   I told Mom her blog would have to wait – we need to go to the park NOW. Those other dogs get there early.

Love Lexi!


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