I wasn’t digging!

Good morning everyone! It’s me – it’s Lexi! And I’m innocent – I wasn’t digging. Honest!

Lexi – why do you have dirt all over your nose?

It’s all in how you interpret things. My Mom calls it digging. I call it preservation!  You see, I’m a bit of a picky eater. Oh – I like to eat my dog food, but only when I want to. At least there is no one else around to eat my food. I can eat when I want.

But Mom caught me the other day burying some of my dog food in the garden. If you didn’t get treats – wouldn’t you put some snacks away so when you’re hungry you have something to eat? Seriously, when that other dog was around, we got treats all the time. Me? I don’t get any – well my Dad feels bad for me and gives me treats, but my Mom hardly ever gives me treats. She says it’s bad for my health, bad for my teeth and I don’t need to get into bad habits. But I’m OK with that!  I’m not really a big treat eater anyway and I must watch my waist line.  There will be no waddling in my lifetime! Boy you should see some of the dogs at the dog park – they waddle!

Mom was sorting through some pictures the other day and found this adorable one of me! Oh look at how shy I am – I have my eyes closed!  Actually, I’m just enjoying the sun and this is a very cool spot to survey my backyard queendom. It’s kind of on a hill and I can see everything! Lexi is the queen!!!

Keeping an eye on the backyard happenings

Well the temperature is getting cooler at night. Time to start snuggling in my crate. And I have a new name tag!!!!  I just haven’t received it yet. Mom says it’s OK and we can wait for another week. I want it NOW. Mom says NO – be patient!

Time to curl up in my crate – it’s getting cold

I’m getting ready to take my Mom to the dog park. OK – my Mom is getting ready to take ME to the dog park!

Love Lexi!


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