Identity CRISIS!

Hey – it’s me  – it’s LEXI!!!!

Yes – it’s ME!

So I’m having an identity crisis.  My Mom doesn’t care about me. You see when I came to my forever home, I was supposed to come with a crate where I could sleep. Mom said, “No – it’s OK, we have a crate at home and it’s not good enough to use for travel anymore, but still good enough for sleeping.” Great – I come to a new home and the first thing I get is a hand-me-down. Well – I didn’t even get the crate at first.


After a couple of times of me trying to squeeze into the existing dog beds, Mom decided I needed to have the crate.

This bed is much too small

I love my crate and I sleep in it all the time, but not when it’s really really hot. Then when I got sprayed by that skunk, the first thing I did was run into my crate (my safe place) and try to wipe all that smelly stuff off of me. And that smell got all over my mat. Mom wasn’t very happy.

It took her a long long time to clean out my crate, but everything is smelling nice and fresh again.

My crate

And the best part – it sits right in the middle of the hallway.  Everyone can see my house when they come in the front door.  Yep – it’s all about ME ME ME!!!!  Do you see that mat that my Mom made for ME! She says it wasn’t made for me, but I really really like it and would sleep on it all the time on the floor, so Mom put it in the crate for me!

However, I have one thing that I’m not happy about. Remember I said this is a hand-me-down. Look – my Mom couldn’t even take the other dogs name off the crate.

What’s this?  I’m NOT SPARKY!

Seriously, how hard would it be for my Mom to take that label off. Not only do I want the label off, but I WANT my own name tag. Then everyone will know that this crate belongs to ME!!!  Maybe someone will take pity on me and make me a new sign for my crate since my Mom doesn’t care about me!

I’m exhausted. Nap time!

Love Lexi


2 thoughts on “Identity CRISIS!

  1. Dear Lexie, might I suggest a slight alternative way of viewing your hand me down crate? The label lovingly attached that now represents a love lost, is a tribute to the depth of love felt for Sparky. In time, you will have made your home your own, and perhaps you new Mom will make you a label and add it to the crate. In the meantime remember that your Mom chose you to share her life, to care for and be a companion. She may not be ready to give up all reminders of Sparky, but she is ready to make new memories and build a new love with you. Enjoy the journey, it will be filled with more rewards than you can think of or wish for. With love, Sugar and Squeeker,


    1. Sugar and Squeeker – that was such a beautiful comment. You made my Mom cry!!! OK – I’ll give my Mom a break for the moment, but I do want a new name tag at some point! I love to tease my Mom and make her feel bad, but I really really really do love my new Mom. She’s just gullible! Love Lexi (and thanks for keeping in touch!


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