Could someone please open the door?

Hey everyone – it’s me!  It’s LEXI!!!!


Guess what – my Mom was gone for a long long time and I really really missed her. My Mom is just the best, but she’s back now. I really missed my Mom!

I’ve got some crazy stories to tell you about what happened when my Mom was away, but today I’ve got to protest about the way I’m treated.  It’s so unfair and Mom has taken to calling me her Barbie dog!  She says that I’m not very helpful around the house and very demanding.

Well – I don’t know what Mom expects of me, but seriously, if I can get my Mom and Dad to do stuff for me, why should I do it myself?

Take the door for instance. If the door isn’t open enough, I’m certainly not going to risk damaging my beautiful nose to open it further. Oh my parents are so silly to think that I could possibly do that.  Mom says that the other dogs who lived here, could open the door. And her point is? I don’t do doors!  Seriously, I have way more important things to do than open doors.

Excuse me! Could someone open the door? I want to come in!

Mom says I`m a princess. And her point is?

We’re off to the dog park and I have to get ready!

Love Lexi!



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