Hey, it’s me!  It’s lexi! Lexi! LEXI!!!


After my little fiasco earlier this week with my black and white friend, Mom wasn’t too happy and she wanted to give me a bath. A bath?  Sure – anything that requires attention to ME, I’m OK with that.

My Mom got some peroxide, some dish soap and baking soda and mixed it all up. Dad said I needed to have a complete bath, but Mom said NO. Just my neck and front paws.

Mom took me outside and put that stuff all over me. She rubbed my neck, she rubbed my legs and it felt really really good.

Having a sponge bath
Not looking my best

And then once that part was over, Mom wouldn’t let me in the house. She said I would make a mess everywhere.

Then came the best part.  Mom got out the garden hose and I got a bath. I loved it!

Getting rinsed off

That water was so refreshing – it was fun.  I loved it so much and I just sat there. Didn’t move one bit. Would you if someone was giving you a nice refreshing bath and massaging you all over?

Mom thinks that I’m a good dog for her, but NOPE – I’m a good dog just for me.

And you should see me go crazy when Mom brings out my rake. I LOVE that rake.  I get so excited that I have to run around the backyard three times, then I come to a screeching halt on the deck in front of my Mom (sitting down) so that she can rake me.

Apparently, you’re not supposed to use it everyday as I’m supposed to keep some undercoat to keep me cool, but I love it so much, I wish I could have my rake every day!

And now I’m gorgeous again!

Still stinky as Mom should have washed the top of my head and I got stinky stuff there. But now it is mostly gone, although my Mom doesn’t like it when I snuggle up close to her because she says I still stink. Yes, she doesn’t say that I smell like skunk – she says I stink. Well!  It’s because she didn’t do a thorough job that I still smell. Honestly, my Mom is not very responsible. If she wanted all the smell gone, then she should have done a better job.

I was even playing in my pool the other day.  Mom had to show me again – I haven’t played in it enough for it to be part of my routine. But I was standing in the water and drinking it and trying to bite it and digging in it. It was great fun. Then I jumped out and ran under the deck and got all muddy. Mom loved that part! Actually, Mom laughs and Dad gets mad.

And this is how you keep cool on a hot day. My Mom and Dad hate the air conditioning, so I keep cool by laying on the ceramic floor all stretched out. Mom says it would be way cooler if I went in the basement, but I don’t do stairs!

Chilling out

Time for a nap!

Love Lexi!!


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