I’m in trouble! Again!!!

Hey – it’s me. It’s Lexi!

Oh boy – have I got a story to tell you. Something bad happened to me and it’s all my Mom’s fault.

You know how beautiful I am – well I’m not so beautiful this morning and Mom’s the reason!

Not happy

The morning started like any other day. My Mom got up and she let me outside. Yes – I’m allowed to be outside in the backyard with NO supervision. Mom was downstairs working or whatever she does down there.

I’m outside checking out the backyard and then something BAD happened and I ran into the house to my safe place. I was frantic and was making a lot of noise. Mom came running up the stairs because I normally don’t make that much noise in the morning. Mom got half way upstairs and she started to yell. NO! Lexi – BAD DOG!

You see, I was trying to play with this little black and white animal outside and next thing I knew, my face was burning. That little thing sprayed me with some foul stench and it’s all over my beautiful fur.

Look my leg is YELLOW

Not just my leg, but my neck – it’s all yellow. This had better come off or I’m going to be upset.

Mom locked me outside!  And Dad got up cause he heard Mom yelling at me – OK – so she wasn’t yelling that loud, but she never talks to me like that. The windows in the house are open and the whole house stinks. Well according to Mom.

I was running around the backyard, rubbing my face in the bushes, in the dirt and on the deck trying to get this stuff out of my eyes. It hurts – help me!!!!!!  Mom did NOTHING!

Mom has been taking me to the dog park on the weekend, but she said there is NO WAY that I’m getting in the car and we weren’t walking over, so I had to settle for a walk in the forest. I’m OK with that. I can’t bear to have anyone see me like this. And to make it worse, Mom took the scissors to my hair and just chopped some of that yellow off.  Well, I think Mom was surprised, but that yellow stuff went right down to my skin even though my fur is very very thick and now I look like hell. She literally just chopped fur off me.  OK – not a lot, but still – I look awful.

See what a mess I made of my safe place.  I was desparate at the beginning.  I was afraid and I was hurting. Mom chased me out of the house very quick or I would have made a worse mess.  Mom says that she has to wash all my stuff now and she’s not happy.


My safe place got a bit messed up!

So why is this Mom’s fault?  Well, when we go for walks at night, we’ve seen these little black and white animals.  They aren’t that close to our house, but they are new to me and I wanted to play. Mom just say NO.  She never explained to me what could happen. Do I blame her for this mess I’m in?  100 percent!

Look at me in the bottom wanting to go and play, but Mom won’t let me

So now, I have to be stinky for a while and it’s going to be hot, the windows are open. Oh glee – I’ve still the center of attention, even when I’m bad.  I love my job!

But the one thing I don’t like – well my Mom doesn’t like is that I have a delicate digestive system and of course after this happened, now I have bathroom issues. But I’ll be fine tomorrow.

That was a very eventful morning. I’m exhausted and I need a nap.

Love Lexi!!!


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