Going gardening….

Hi – it’s me.  It’s Lexi!  The most beautiful, gorgeous, spectacular dog in the world. I’m a Husky!  I’m a HUSKY!!!!   I love myself!!!   (Mom says that a bit over the top, but I don’t care!)

Did you know that Huskies have undercoats?  We have undercoats that keep us warm in the winter and help to keep us cool in the summer. But we don’t need a full undercoat in the summer so the fur comes out. A LOT.  My Mom is constantly picking up dog hair in the house and as I mentioned the other day, she likes to “tickle” me and pull out the clumps.

When we were checking out the internet the other day, my Mom found out about rakes for dogs. Guess what? My Mom bought me one yesterday. I have the best Mom in the whole wide world. I love my Mom and she loves me!

My new rake!

I love my rake. Mom says it weights about the same as a real rake for the garden. It must be very heavy!  I sit very patiently while my Mom rakes my fur. She does it just right so it doesn’t hurt me, but it takes out clumps and clumps of my undercoat. I feel like a new dog!  A very beautiful new dog!

I love my rake and I sit very patiently while Mom rakes me!

And when Mom was done yesterday, I wanted to play with the rake, but Mom says it NOT a toy and I’m not allowed to play with it. But it made me feel so good – Mom, why can’t I play with the rake?

Playing with my rake
The rake tastes good!

There was a LOT of dog hair in our backyard and the wind was coming around and swirling it away. Mom says the neighbour’s yard is probably filled with dog hair. All my dog hair! Mom says maybe we should be making yarn out of it. Then she could knit a pair of mitts and they would be toasty warm. Mom says not to mention mitts because she is supposed to be knitting a pair of mitts for that girl that used to live here and she hasn’t started.  I must remember to never ask Mom to make me anything because she is slow!

My dog hair swirling over the fence and into the trees
A small part of the hair that Mom got off me with my rake

I felt so much better to get all that hair off. Now I can run around a bit without getting hot! Thanks Mom

Running around 

I have the best Mom in the world, I have the best backyard in the whole world. I’m so glad that I found this forever home. It’s just the best ever and I’m a lucky lucky dog!

But I need a nap – it was an exhausting day!

Love Lexi!!!!


2 thoughts on “Going gardening….

  1. We used to rake Sara, golden’s have a lot of undercoat as well and as I was reading I thought why not make mitts, google THRUM MITTS they are knit with hair and wool in Newfoundland and are supposed to be the warmest mitts ever.
    Lexi you are adorable.


  2. Well I don’t see my comment so will re-do it. You can delete it if I did it twice.
    We used to use a rake on Sara, Golden’s have a heavy undercoat as well. Then I got to thinking why not use Lexi’s hair, google THRUM MITTS, They knit the hair in with the wool and are supposed to be the warmest mitts ever, they are made in Newfoundland.


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