Stormy weather

Hey – it’s me LEXI!!


Chilling out in the heat

I’m so gorgeous – I can’t help it!  Last night when Mom and I were out for a walk, one of the neighbours who NEVER talks to my Mom – well she said that I was a beautiful dog. She said it TWICE!  Oh – we have the best neighbours in the whole wide world!

My Mom is trying to get my undercoat off of me.  Ha – I keep telling her it’s not going to happen and well, I have lovingly placed little deposits of fur everywhere in the house. It’s times like these when Mom is thankful that I don’t do stairs. All my fur is contained on the main floor. A bit boring, but I just don’t like stairs. I found an article about undercoats in dogs and I think my Mom should read it. Apparently you can get a rake to help remove the undercoat. I want a rake!

Every time we go for a walk, Mom stops from time to time and pretends she is tickling me. She is really pulling out massive clumps of my undercoat. Sometimes she pulls too hard and on hair that is supposed to stay on ME and I politely tell her to back off! So if you’re in our neighbourhood and see clumps of dog hair everywhere – that’s ME!

Last night, we had a storm.  I love storms! Mom says that one of her dogs that she used to have hated storms and even had a thunder-shirt. I don’t need no thunder-shirt. I love storms. So when the wind was whipping through the trees, I wasn’t hiding in the house somewhere. Nope, I was on the deck chasing leaves. It was very entertaining. Then I sat on the deck and watched the lightening. Wow –  that was a cool light show. But it was raining and Mom wanted to shut the door so she came outside and dragged me in. Sometimes my Mom isn’t very much fun!

I don’t mind the heat. It’s not my favourite thing, but I have insulation in my fur that protects me from the heat. And even though sometimes Mom pulls my fur, I really do like when she tickles me.  It’s like getting a massage.

I’m off to have a nap.

Love Lexi!





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