A mystery

Hey – it’s me – it’s super gorgeous Lexi!!!!

Yep – that’s me just hanging out in the backyard.

Just chillin……

Well, I haven’t been on an adventure for a while and it’s time!

The other night when we came in for a walk, Mom was petting me – I love that I’m the ONLY dog in the house. Do you know how much attention you get when you’re the only dog and your Mom and Dad love you very very much? That’s a LOT of attention.

Anyway, my Mom was petting me and then realized that my collar was gone. She was kind of mad as she didn’t know where it was, although Mom knew it had been on me when we went for a walk even though I don’t use my collar for walks – I have a harness! Mom actually thought that I ditched the collar on purpose and that my next step was to jump the fence. I’m very happy that my Mom thinks I’m so smart. I really am that smart and I could have jumped the fence and no one would find me. OK – so they might find me, but they wouldn’t know who I am.

It was dark in the backyard and Mom said, she would find the collar in the morning. When she went out, there it was – in the backyard – right where I left it. Do you think I’m going to tell her how it came off? Puleezz!!


Now how did that collar come off?

Mom put the collar back on me and then thought I had lost my address tag, but Dad said NO – the tag is on the collar. Obviously, my Mom is blind!

Then tonight, my Dad is outside cooking stuff on this big hot thing. I’m lazing around as it’s hot. Then Mom and Dad are just sitting down for dinner when Mom’s phone rings. It’s a man and he says he lives on our street and he has our dog – that’s ME. My Mom is totally confused because she thought I was in the backyard and I was – just five minutes before!

The man says he’s in the driveway and my Mom goes out, but she doesn’t see me. She sees the man and she sees two more neighbours with their dog, but not me.  Mom talks to the neighbours and she still doesn’t get it. Then the man says that I’m in his car which is at the end of the driveway and there I was – in the passenger seat – looking so very proud of myself. I actually ran away and hitched a ride home. Mom has got to be proud of me for that!

Do you want to know what happened?  Well some how the gate got opened. My Mom said she used the gate on the weekend and she is sure she closed it and since that was three days ago, it couldn’t possibly be her. It doesn’t matter to me how the gate got open, but it was open and I decided to check out the neighbourhood at my leisure.

Then I saw another dog, this man’s dog and I went to say hello. The man didn’t recognize me so he went to grab my collar and my collar came off! The buckle thing just released!  Trust me, my Mom tried VERY HARD to make that buckle come apart when I was back in the house, but she couldn’t make it open. Only I will know the secret to that!  So then the man tried to catch me, but I wasn’t having any of that – this is freedom. But when he asked me if I wanted to go in the car – I couldn’t resist. I love the car and he even had the air conditioning on for me.  Oh – how smart am I – I got a ride right to my front door.  My Mom says she wishes she could have taken a photo of me in the car because I was looking pretty proud of myself. And I was in the front. I only get to ride in the back of my Mom’s car!

And since my address tag and Mom’s cell phone number are on my tag which is on the collar, that’s how I got a ride right to my door!  I’m a very smart dog!

While Mom isn’t happy that the gate was open, she is happy that I didn’t jump the fence. I know that – that’s why I don’t jump the fence any more.

All that excitement – I need a nap!

Love Lexi


2 thoughts on “A mystery

  1. You sure do have your work cut out for you with the super gorgeous Lexi! Good thing you have lots of energy!

    Sent from my iPad



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