I’m just resting

Hey – it’s me. It’s LEXI!


Oh my, did you know that people are stopping to tell me how beautiful I am. Some people even have their own dogs and some people even had Huskies.  I am so beautiful.  I’m gorgeous!

I have no desire to jump the fence any more.  My Mom had this man come and they talked about Invisible Fences.  Whoa – they were going to SHOCK me and I’d have to wear some big ridiculous collar. No way.  The alternative to being in the backyard was to wear that ball and chain – no way. So I have no desire to jump the fence. I kind of like my backyard. It’s fun, there’s lots to do and best of all, there are cool places to hide!

My Dad is getting used to it now, but I’ve had him worried. He’s been out searching the neighborhood on the hot hot days and I’ve been snuggled under the deck all the time. I don’t say anything so he doesn’t know I’m there. I don’t even come out when the little dog is out next door.  It’s a great trick, although I think Mom and Dad are catching on.

Once my Dad had to leave and I wouldn’t come out, so he just left me all by myself in the backyard. I was happy and I only came out when my Mom came home.  I am such a good dog!!!

Yesterday my Mom came home early and she went out to the gazebo to read her book.  I LOVE the gazebo. While my Mom was perfectly happy sitting IN the gazebo, I was perfectly happy laying UNDER the gazebo.  I was kind of scratching the ground and trying to turn around and Mom thought maybe I was stuck.  Nope – not stuck, just happy.

Then I was really really quiet. My Mom was concerned and hopped over the edge of the gazebo to check on me to see if I was caught or something.  Nope – just having fun.


Don’t take my picture, I’m shy!
What do YOU want? I’m busy relaxing!


My Mom got bored and went into the house.  She wanted me to come with her.  I didn’t want to go.  Then she come out and dangled my leash, nope, not budging.  I really like it here.  My Mom really really thought I was stuck and even got a shovel to move some dirt around.  Oh  my parents are so gullible. I LOVE it.

After four hours, I decided that was enough and I just seemed to appear from nowhere! It just freaks my parents out and it makes me happy!

But all that hiding is exhausting.

Time for a nap!

Love Lexi


One thought on “I’m just resting

  1. Lexi, you are such a prankster. Wish I didn’t live so far away in New Brunswick because I would love to meet you, Sounds like you have your Mom and Dad wrapped around your paw.


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