Hide and seek

Whoa – it’s me Lexi! And I’m in trouble!  Again…….

My private spot

Well my Mom and Dad are pretty mad at me and I was just having fun! Let me go back a couple of weeks to explain. Remember how I used to jump the fence? Then Mom bought me this pretty tag with MY NAME on it.  Not only does it have my name, but my address is there and my Mom’s phone number. So if I were to jump the fence, someone could get me home.

What’s the point of running away, if it’s too easy for someone to get me back home? And do you remember this?

Backyard ball and chain

When I came home the last time from jumping the fence, Mom bought this THING and she tied me to it in the backyard.  It was awful. It was boring. I was like a prisoner in this fabulous space. I hated going in the backyard.

So gradually, I got Mom’s trust back. I could go out, but under strict supervision. Then it got a little more lenient and more lenient and soon I was going out all by myself and I would sit on the deck and observe or I would play out there for hours.

I decided it was time to come up with more hi-jinx.   This time, I decided to play hide and seek.

You see, MY backyard is the coolest backyard around.  There is no grass and while those other dogs that used to live here would have preferred grass, this backyard is the best place EVER!  It’s like an obstacle course and it keeps me busy inventing new paths!  Mom posted a video on YouTube  and I’m just going crazy like I normally do.

Sometimes, OK most times, when I rip around the backyard, I stop in for a pit stop under the playhouse.

I dig a couple of digs and then I’m back on my circuit of the day. You can see me under the playhouse in that first picture.

Yesterday, it was a beautiful day and although my Mom was supposed to be in the house sewing, she was outside with ME. Of course, she was reading a book and NOT playing with me, but at least she was outside.

I was playing around and then I decided to play hide and seek. Well at first, it wasn’t like that. I was running and running and went under the playhouse. A few more digs and WHOA – I can now go even further than under the playhouse.  See that deck – it’s connected to the space under the playhouse and now I can crawl under all that space.

The deck

Well, this is pretty exciting but it was kind of scary too. It was my first time and I got to those steps in the front and I couldn’t get out. I was kind of crying a bit and Mom heard me. As is typical with her, she had no idea what to do. She went to the space under the playhouse and called my name. As if that is going to help me!

Then I was really really quiet and eventually Mom went into the house to sew. When she came back out, she couldn’t find me. She called my name  – Lexi, Lexi!  LEXI!  Where are you?  Of course, I wasn’t going to answer her – I was MAD at her for leaving me all alone under the deck.

Now I had managed to find a spot to get out. With my expert digging skills, I managed to find a way out near the house. Right by the bushes on the left of that photo that Mom took.

The back door exit from under the deck

When my Mom came out, she couldn’t find me. She called and called some more. She got a flashlight and then she stomped around on the deck a bit. NOTHING.  I’m not a fool. Then Mom found the back door exit and figured I must have dug my way out and then jumped the fence because I was either scared or mad!

Then Dad came home and he was worried just like my Mom. My Mom hopped on her bike and went all over the neighbourhood. She says she was able to go fast because she didn’t have to worry about running over me. I didn’t like that part, but I was having my own kind of fun.

My Dad went out in his car and drove around the neighbourhood. My Mom asked anyone she met if they had seen a husky.  Nope!  I wasn’t to be found.

It was getting late and Dad heard something in the backyard. POOF!  There I was – in the backyard!  I heard Dad say that there was going to be a lot of rain in the night and I didn’t want to get wet so I came out of hiding.

I have several hiding spots in the backyard. Mom caught me this morning as I wiggled my way under the gazebo.


Can you see me?
Can you see me now?


How about now? – see my pink tongue – a dead giveaway every time

And then when I wiggled my way out of that one, I went under the gazebo again, but in a different spot. Some of those spots are tight, but I’m like a Houdini – if I can get in, I can get out!.

Not the best hiding spot

Let’s just say that Mom and Dad were very happy to see me when I popped out of my hiding spot. But I had been cooped up for a long long time and I needed to play. So I was running around the house for hours while Mom and Dad were trying to sleep. I was playing with my ball and it would go under the furniture and I would cry for someone to get it. My Mom got it a couple of times and then I got a lecture. She gave me a ball that doesn’t roll very well and it never went under the furniture again. Mom is boring!

All that excitement is exhausting and it’s time for a nap.

Love Lexi

PS – I know you’re thinking that I was trapped under the deck and couldn’t find a way out. That would be totally false. I’m a Husky – we’re resourceful. Never would I be trapped – never!


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