Not perfect, but better

It’s me – sweet, gorgeous Lexi!

Do you know that everyone stops to say how beautiful I am, even if they are walking their own dog?  Oh everyone is jealous cause I’m so gorgeous.  I’m gorgeous, I’m gorgeous!   Oh, Mom says to stop that kind of behavior as it’s not appropriate! I can’t help it – I love being a Husky!




My Mom still hasn’t found the proper harness that she bought for me, but when she was looking in that messy room she calls an office, it’s such a disgrace that I barely go in there. But she did find another harness and Mom said she would adjust it so I could wear it. I don’t think it was for that Little Sammy. No, Mom says it was for another dog that I never knew.

Here’s the best part – it’s RED like all my other accessories.



My new red harness


I’m a sophisticated Husky and if my accessories aren’t going to match, well I’m not wearing them!  Mom had a hard time to adjust the harness and she thinks that it’s still a bit too loose as my lead keeps moving around.  I told her not to make it too tight as how am I going to breathe?

I get so excited when Mom brings out that new harness, it takes a long time to get me strapped in.  Mom says I’m moving way too much because I’m so excited and she can’t figure it out and sometimes it takes three or four tries before she gets it on properly. She puts it on backward or inside out and well – that just won’t do. So I wiggle away again while she figures it out and then we try one more time!

Then we get to go outside and she attaches me to the bike.  Oh boy – this is going to be FUN FUN FUN.  We run in the forest behind our house and on our street. Mom says, I’m getting really good considering this is my THIRD time doing this.  Mom says I need to learn that there is NO time for stopping. If I stop and Mom doesn’t, then that is very dangerous. Mom says she could fall off her bike and that would be bad.

I even know my left from my right and we can now turn around on a dead-end street. I was very tired last night and didn’t want to run all the time, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like it. I think Mom needs to take me for a walk FIRST, then I can do all my business and then I can go for a run. Mom never thinks of these things and well, how can I run when I have other things on my mind? I keep saying that she is NOT responsible, but I WUF her anyway!

Bike riding is so much fun and everyone thinks its grand to see me PULLING my Mom on her bike. Yes – I’m pulling her and it’s great!

I definitely need a nap now. I’m exhausted.

Love Lexi



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