I’m a working girl!

Hey – it’s me – it’s Lexi!


I’m your Number One dog – Mom and I WUF you!

I’ve been complaining to Mom that she doesn’t walk fast enough for me and I’m not getting enough exercise. I’m going to get fat. Besides, I’m bored and I want to work! OK – so I’m not that bored, I’ll tell you why another day, but last night Mom and I went on an adventure.

Mom says it’s good for Huskies to be learning new things and Mom was training me last night and I LOVED it.

What did we do? My Mom was in the garage for a long time. She took some stuff with her – but I didn’t know what it was. And she was muttering to herself – where is that harness?  It’s bright red – it shouldn’t be hard to find. But she couldn’t find it. My Mom is a loser!


So she put my walking harness on me and then this short little leash  (whoa what is this?) and then she took me outside. Guess what Mom had waiting for me in the driveway?  A bike! and she hooked that short little leash to the bike.



Ready for bikejoring!

Wow – it was so much fun, but Mom says I need a bit more training.  I say she needs to find my working harness.  Because I had my walking harness on, I wanted to stop and sniff and Mom would shout “NO – you’re working”.  Well, if I’m supposed to be working, put my working harness on me.  These owners are so not responsible. Mom says I’m going to have to learn commands like turn right or turn left or stop!  Hmm – I guess we will have to work on that one, although Mom has already been training me the difference between left and right when she puts my walking harness on.  She says Left foot and I raise my left foot (sometimes) and then Right Foot and sometimes I raise my right foot – I’m getting better.

But we had fun and Mom didn’t fall off her bike once!   I didn’t really run. I mean how could I with this stupid walking harness on, but once Mom finds my working harness, this is going to be awesome.  I hope we go out again today. I really liked it!

And everyone who saw us was smiling. They just think I’m the most adorable dog in the world, which I am!

Phew – time for a nap!

Love Lexi!



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