Swimming pools, dogs and summer fun!

It’s me Lexi!   In case you don’t know, I’m a HUSKY! Mom and I were searching the internet this morning and we found an excellent article that will tell you all about the history of Huskies!

That’s me! Lexi!


You should read the article. There are all kinds of good words to be said about us Huskies. We are smart, we are working dogs – I’m still waiting for Mom to find me a job.  She says that maybe today we can do some training.

But guess what my Mom bought me yesterday?  A swimming pool!  It’s just for ME, although Mom said on a really, really hot day, she might use it. No way – this pool is MINE! I don’t share!


Checking out the new swimming pool

It was kind of scary at first, it’s big (Mom says she had fun swishing it into the car last night) and it’s bright. I thought it was a giant water bowl.


After our walk this morning, Mom picked me up and put me in the pool.  Wait a minute! Is this going to hurt?  OH – this is kind of fun and just what I wanted!


I can drink and keep my paws cool at the same time


I love the pool.  I can try to scratch the water and it flies up everywhere and I can try to bite the water and it flies up everywhere.  I think I’m going to like the swimming pool.  Thanks, Mom – I WUF you!!!!!


Fun in the swimming pool 



I bet you are wondering why Mom decided to buy me a swimming pool. Well, us Huskies are very smart dogs so I TOLD her I wanted one.  Yep, when we came in from our walk yesterday morning, I went to my water dish and tried to dig the water out of the dish and it splashed all over the floor and then I ran through the water, round and round the kitchen table until there was a huge mess!  And that’s how I got a swimming pool OUTSIDE.  See – us dogs, but especially Huskies are very smart!  Now I can actually get in the pool, splash the water right onto me and run around outside and everyone is happy!

It’s hard work to train those humans. Time for a nap!

Love Lexi!




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