STOP! You’re hurting me!

Hey – it’s me LEXI!


Well,  I had an adventure yesterday that was not fun! And I’m letting you all know because I think  my Mom should be reported for cruelty to animals. Cruelty and humility!

Mom says it’s part of life. I went to the vet!

That’s me with other cool dogs in the waiting area

I have to say that I was pretty excited.  Going in the car!  Going in the car!   Wait a minute, we’re NOT going to the dog park.  OK, Mom – where are we going?  Are we there yet?  Hello, Mom?  Where’s the dog park?

Oh – we’ve arrived. Well, that wasn’t such a long drive. I’ve been here before. I’ve been here with Little Sammy. But now it’s just about ME!

They put me on that black platform in the background of that picture. Mom says it’s a scale and they use it to weigh dogs. Mom can’t remember how much I weigh – she is so not responsible, however Mom did ask the vet if I was a good weight and he gave me a good rub in the chest and said that I could gain a few more pounds. Now if they would only feed me more! But I can’t complain.

Then my Mom and I went into this little room with this big tall shiny silver table. I don’t know if I want to see what’s on top.  I’ll just hang out with my Mom.

That vet guy came in and I got treats! Then my Mom put me on the shiny table.  OK – so I don’t like being up on the shiny table.  It was super scary up there. I don’t think I’ve ever been up on the shiny table before. I think I’ve always stayed on the floor for my appointments, but I remember shiny tables from before!

Well, that vet guy put this tight thing on my leg and then he starts messing around with my fur.  Wait – what is he going to do with me?  Oh no – he’s shaving my leg because he wants to see what’s under my fur. My Mom is hugging me tight and massaging my ears and talking to me. But WAIT?  What’s that sharp thing that vet guy is trying to poke in my leg?  NO WAY – you’re not coming close to me with that thing.  I was wiggling and wiggling, I almost fell off the shiny table.

Wait – it gets worse!  That vet guy puts this blue thing on my nose. He calls it a muzzle. I wasn’t going to bite him, although I was very tempted. And he shaves my leg even more. STOP – I’m practically naked now!  Then my Mom holds me even tighter and I’m having NOTHING to do with that sharp thing so I wiggle a lot again.  Then another lady comes in to help hold me down.

I had to admit defeat. With two people holding me down and that other lady was FIRMLY holding my leg, I couldn’t move. I was trapped and I had this hideous blue thing on my face. My Mom was laughing (even though she had been crying because the vet guy talked to her about Little Sammy) and Mom said she wished she had of got a picture of me because I looked very funny.  WELL – do you see the way I’m treated here?  It borders on humility.  I did NOT want them to take blood from my leg. I do NOT want to be tested for heartworm. I will NOT be an active participant in anything like this in the future! And I may have to run away if my Mom ever mentions the vet guy again!

Then I got to stand on the floor, PHEW, much better and the vet guy gave me a treat and I was OK again. But I do NOT like that shiny table and I do NOT like needles of any kind. My Mom said she doesn’t like when they take blood from her either, but that she is a big girl and lets them do it. Well good for her!  I’m not that stupid!

I was so exhausted when I came home from that ordeal, I could barely move. The torture!


Don’t talk to me – I’m upset!



And look at my leg – I’m practically shaved bald. The indignity of it all.


Practically shaved bald!


But look how thick my fur is.  It’s beautiful.


My thick fur!



Did you know that EVERYONE who looks at me, says that I’m beautiful?  I know. I really am a beautiful dog. And I’ve got character. Most dogs don’t have character like me!  I’m a HUSKY you know.

Well, I’m tired – it’s very hot. My Mom is asking me if I want my own swimming pool.  I’m not sure, I’ve never had one. But it might be fun.

Love Lexi!



One thought on “STOP! You’re hurting me!

  1. Yes Lexi you want a swimming pool!!!! I (Miss Bree) have one and it’s the best thing going for us with beautiful coats.


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