RIP Little Sammy

Something very bad happened yesterday.  Little Sammy passed away. My Mom and Dad are very sad. I guess I’m sad too.

Mom asked if it was OK for us to post some pictures of Little Sammy on my blog.  I’m OK with that – I loved her like a sister. And one day when we were at the dog park, my Mom said to me “Lexi, wait for your sister”. And a man looked at me, looked at Sammy and said “really?”  Mom had to explain that we’re sisters because we lived together! It was funny.

Sammy’s one and only selfie
That’s me (Lexi!) checking out my Little Sister Sammy
We loved to play together
Getting ready for the next round
And we’re off again
Little Sammy in the snow


What an adorable face
Sammy snuffling through the leaves at the dog park
Little Sammy on top of the world at the dog park
Princess Sammy at the dog park
Our little family is falling apart

Mom says she is going to have to take those stickers off her car.  The fish is gone, Little Sammy is gone, I’ve replaced that husky dog that the sticker was originally purchased for, the girl is gone – well she has just moved away.  Yep I think Mom should take all the stickers off the car, but leave the Husky sticker. It sure looks like me.

I found another picture of me and Little Sammy that I love.

Little Sammy – did you hear? Mom can’t walk. Let’s get in trouble and then run!

She really was a good little dog. We would play together, but we didn’t really do anything else together. We didn’t sleep together. Little Sammy liked to sleep upstairs with her peeps. Me, I’m an independent dog – I sleep alone. Little Sammy was not a cuddly dog and hated hugs and you NEVER picked her up. EVER!  Sometimes when no one was looking, I saw my Mom try to get Sammy to jump on the couch for a cuddle, but she never would. Yet Little Sammy had her favourite chair in the front room where she could watch the world go by outside.  Even though she wasn’t supposed to jump on the furniture, eventually Mom gave up trying to keep her out of that chair.

She was always the first one to greet you when you came in the door after she frantically barked her head off. It was pretty annoying, and I tried to help with the confusion, but it wasn’t my thing.

We don’t know how old Little Sammy really was as she was a rescue dog. All we know is that she had been badly abused, hated being in a room with the door shut, was very protective, expecially of that girl who used to live here and she was a nervous wreck most of the time, with bed head almost all the time.

In case you’re wondering what happened to Little Sammy.  Little Sammy was old (about 13) and Mom has suspected that she has been sick for a while. Her chest was really hard, although other than slowing down, she didn’t seem affected in any way. She got a very annoying cough and finally they took her to the vet. I hope they don’t wait that long if I’m sick! I’m going to demand that I go right away to the vet!

She got antibiotics for the cough and then she stopped eating. My Mom was really really worried and we spent Sunday afternoon at the Animal Hospital. That was boring, although everyone there petted me and I loved that! They took an X-Ray of Sammy’s chest and well my Mom says they found a bad word that starts with C.  I don’t know how they found a word in her chest, but Mom saw the X-ray and it was bad.

It was all very confusing and my Mom was really really upset because she is supposed to go away on a business trip and didn’t want to leave because of Little Sammy.  We were supposed to go to the vet today to see what to do. Then at dinner time last night, Little Sammy had a very bad episode – it was scary. Mom said – “get the car – we’re going back to the vet emergency”. It would appear that Little Sammy took things into her own hands. She had a stroke and was never going to recover.

We were all there with her at the end. My Mom cried a lot, my Dad even cried. I didn’t cry. I just wanted someone to pet me. She is now safe and happy in doggie heaven and hopefully she is reunited with her companion Sparky.

I’m going to miss Little Sammy. My Mom is really going to miss Little Sammy. My Dad is going to miss her even more as Little Sammy used to sit under his desk all the time.

If you own a dog, please give your dog an extra hug in honor of Little Sammy. Or give your other pet a squeeze and tell them that you love them.  We love hearing that a lot!

I miss you Little Sammy!

Love Lexi


2 thoughts on “RIP Little Sammy

  1. So sorry Elaine, we love our pets like our children, Gerry and I both cried our eyes out when we lost Sara, I like to think they are all playing together in doggie heaven.


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