You can’t get me!

It’s me – it’s Lexi.  Remember – I’m the cool Husky!

I love having access to the internet. There are so many neat pictures of other Huskies and all the fun stuff they get to do. We saw a picture today of a Husky that got to ride on a bus. I’m hoping that I can ride the bus one day. That dog looks like she is having a LOT of fun. When I ride the buss, I want it to be full of fun people. I bet we could all have super fun on the bus. We could call it the Husky express!


This looks like a super cool thing to do!

My Mom thinks she is smart, but she isn’t all that smart. I’m going to find a way to get rid of that cord. It’s humiliating, degrading and I’m a HUSKY for heaven’s sake. We’re supposed to run and have all kinds of fun!   While I really really want to be outside, this cord thing is pretty boring!!!

Look at me – I’m trying to get away and that string thing keeps getting in the way.

What’s with this red string thing – what a nuisance!

I keep hearing all kinds of cool things in the forest. There are people and squirrels and raccoons and rabbits and I want to play with them all.

HELP!  – Don’t leave me here all alone!
What are you looking at? Mom –  this is all your fault!

Then when it’s time to go in the house, sometimes, Mom lets me off my leash so I can run around. And I run around like an idiot. There are so many places to jump up and jump down and bushes to run behind and and – well it’s a cool place to run.

When I’m tired of running or I need a break, I dare not stop because Mom will come and get me and drag me into the house. BUT – I found a cool place to hide that Mom can’t get me. We have this shed in the backyard and there is a crawl space under it. It’s very cool – rabbits used to live here, but they don’t live here any more. For some reason, they didn’t want to play with me!


You can’t get me! NA NA!!!

And you know what – someone should be called. It was snowing today and guess where I was – outside, chained up and I was getting cold and everything!  Finally Mom came to rescue me. She says the cold is good for me. Well – OK, but really – I shouldn’t have to be outside all the time chained up!

It’s cold and snowy – let me in!
This is more like it – Little Sammy doesn’t need her princess bed!
And now it’s time for a nap!


Love Lexi!!!!!


One thought on “You can’t get me!

  1. I don’t think your mommy should have told you about the dog on the bus, I can see the wheels turning in your head Lexi.


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