I am NOT a junkyard dog!

It’s me – Lexi – the big trouble maker!  Mom said that wherever she goes, people are always talking about ME!  Mom met our neighbor in the grocery store and Rhonda was talking about ME. Mom had a class the other night and people were asking about ME! And the other night, when we were out for a walk, another neighbor stopped to talk to Mom about ME!  Everyone loves ME and everyone thinks I’m gorgeous.  Well – it’s true.

Now let’s talk about my behavior.  If I were a good dog, my blog would be   B O R I N G.

But because I’m adventuresome, I’m much more interesting and my blog is much more fun to read!!!

However we have a serious situation in our backyard and I’m NOT happy about it.

You see, at first, I thought it was super fun to jump over this gate. Come on – look at the gate – is that not an invitation to jump?  Of course, it is – the second gate on the other side was even shorter so that was a simple matter to just jump!  Even with my harness and a 6 foot leash dangling – this was easy to  jump over or through depending on how you look at it. Mom says maybe I would love agility classes.



The garden gate


Little Sammy is too fat and too little to jump over the gate, but she used to dig her way under the gate.  Mom had a big log there, but Little Sammy and I could move that big log. I tried to dig under the gate as well and I managed. Little Sammy showed me how – well I let her think that!!!  Then when the bricks were placed there and they are too heavy for me to move, I started to jump over the gate.

Then Mom said she was recycling and used some stakes from election signs (what’s an election sign?) to make the opening smaller and the gate higher and I get confused so I don’t try to jump over that gate anymore.

And for two days, Mom thought she was very clever.

Until I decided it was time to make things exciting again and this time, I jumped over the back fence.  That fence isn’t very high and so it isn’t a challenge. I could have jumped that fence anytime I wanted, but I waiting.  Well, I had no other choice and after I have escaped several times, Mom said ENOUGH!!!!

Look what she brought home the other day – a     S T A K E.   God-this is humiliating – it’s like I’m a junkyard dog and this is a HUGE mistake.  I keep telling Mom that it’s a huge mistake to put me on this stake.  I WILL find a way to get around this latest endeavor to keep me in the backyard.


Tied to a stake

The biggest problem is that our backyard is NOT an appropriate place to have a stake.  Look at all those rocks and stuff – how am I supposed to walk around with a stupid rope tied to me.  It keeps getting caught and I HATE IT!!!!!   I’ve gone from being a beautiful dog to being a common dog tied to a piece of string attached to a stick in the ground.

I used to love going out in the backyard, but now – I hate it!   I get all excited about going out and then when my Mom brings my harness so she can drag me to the stake, I decide it’s not worth the humiliation.

I could die from boredom out here

And then Little Sammy thinks she is so smart and will come out and harass me and then run away because she knows I cant’ get her.  I hate her too!!!

Mom – Little Sammy’s bothering ME!!!!
Just humiliating!!!!

I heard my Mom has an appointment with a fence man next week so this situation is not forever which means that my Mom still loves me and I love her. But we got to get this fence thing fixed because it isn’t good.  Mom feels bad but she says not bad enough to let me jump the fence even though I do have my new snazzy name tag with my name on it. Mom is worried that I’ll get hurt.

She better make sure that I get to the dog park often so I get exercise. Speaking of exercise, I love our walks in the woods. If Little Sammy led the walk, we would never finish because she wants to sniff everything.  I lead the walk and we get a good pace going. I don’t think Little Sammy is happy but I don’t care!  It’s all about ME!


Nap time!

Love Lexi!


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