House Arrest!

Hey – it’s ME – it’s LEXI!  and I’m not happy!  And my Mom isn’t happy either.


I got a name tag!

I know my Mom isn’t very happy this morning, but a big part of that is her own fault!  She deleted her e-mail account!!!  HA HA HA!  My Mom is such a dolt when it comes to technology.

But the other reason she isn’t happy is that I ran away yesterday. She was just about to sit down at the computer and write her blog – I know – she says her blog is more important than mine so I got mad.

Mom looked out the window just before she sat down and guess where I was?  I was on the other side of the fence. You see, I had just jumped over even though I had my harness on and a big long leash. Mom yelled at me, I looked at Mom, then I looked at the forest. I looked back at Mom and BYE Mom – I’m going on an adventure. Mom ran to the gate, but I was already making my way through the forest. Of course, I was following the path.  I don’t know why Mom gets all crazy because I know my way around that forest.

Well, I was off on a merry adventure but Mom told me that she walked through that forest, she talked to lots of other people who had dogs and no one had even seen me. Sometimes I can be crazy friendly, but this was an adventure and if someone saw me, then I had a feeling that my adventure was going to be over. So I stayed pretty secretive.

Mom walked around and around and finally she had to leave because she had to go to work. My Dad was home and he was going to go out, but Mom said NO.  Someone would find me. Well if someone found  me, they didn’t know where I live. My Mom is so silly sometimes.

Well – look at this, I’m not in the forest anymore. There are lots of places to come out of the forest and next thing I knew, I was in a group of houses. Then this man caught my leash. I don’t like that man even though I like his dog.  Yep – I had a picture taken with his dog a couple of months ago. Anyway, the man was very smart, because one day when he was walking his dog, he remembered seeing Mom and me come through the forest from our house. So he brought me back here, knocked on the door and I was home again.

My Dad sent a text to my Mom who said “that’s it!  Lexi is not allowed into the backyard anymore until something is done!”  Wait a minute!  That wasn’t supposed to happen. My Mom has been such a sucker – all I have to do is roll my baby blues at her and she caves. Well, I think she was very serious this time.

When she got home from work, she went and had a tag made. Look at me – it’s got MY NAME on – that’s me – LEXI!  Now everyone will know who I am when I’m lost again. Mom says that my address and her phone number are also on the tag so now I can never be lost again. Mom says that’s not enough and I’m still under house arrest.

I’m allowed in the backyard under very strict conditions which I’ll show you when my Mom gets her e-mail fixed so she can load a picture. My Mom is just crazy!

By the way – I HATE house arrest!

Love Lexi




One thought on “House Arrest!

  1. Hi Lexi, Misty here. So you went and ran off again??? Even after I told ya it’s a big scary world out there??? Well, you’ll just have to put up with house arrest until Mom figures it out, I guess. I’m more like little Sammy, I stay right with my mom when we go out. I’ve missed you, and other than running away, I hope you’re doing well. Hope the poop is still doing ok too. Did you get a new Easter toy??? I’m getting treats when my mom gets home from work today. LOTS of treats—YUMMMMMMM!!! Well, hope you have a good day and week to come. Be good and don’t run away anymore. Love and kisses!!! Misty (and Pam and Rio)


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