I’m a money pit!

Psst – it’s me – it’s Lexi!


Yes – it’s ME – it’s Lexi!


My mom calls me a    M O N E Y    P I T.   I don’t know what that means, but if it means she is talking about me – then it’s a good thing!

Mom says I don’t need to tell you all about my poop, but poop is a      F A S C I N A T I N G    thing, especially if you are a dog! Mom says I have weird poop habits.

When I came to live here, my tummy was pretty upset and I had not so nice poops. That’s what my Mom says.  She keeps wanting to pick it up and put it in a little bag. But she doesn’t keep that bag so I don’t know why she wants to pick it up! Anyway, when I first came, it wasn’t pretty so Mom took me to the vet.

The vet gave me probiotics and a new yummy dog food that was supposed to help my small intestine. It helped a bit but it didn’t really solve my problem.  And when I went to the dog park, I would do three or four little poops. Mom says it was disgusting!

Once that little bag of dog food was almost done, Mom took me back to the vet – I love the vet and they know me all there! This time, the vet gave Mom a different kind of dog food – one with fiber that is supposed to help the large intestine. The vet laughed when he gave it to my Mom because he said you wouldn’t think that what I needed was fiber.

Mom says if I’m going to talk about the bag of dog food, I should mention how much it costs.  It cost $80.  Yep – EIGHTY DOLLARS for a bag of dog food.


Lexi’s dog food



But the vet was right. My poops are now nice!  My Mom jumps up and down now whenever I have a poop because she says it is easy peasy to pick up!

Besides, all I have to do is flash my baby blues at my Mom and she whips her credit card out for anything I want!  I LOVE my Mom – she’s the best.




I think people are all weird – a poop is a poop is a poop! At least to me. But I do like the fact that I can go to the dog park and my tummy isn’t upset so I’m not pooping everywhere. I don’t have time – I need to play!

I still have trouble pooping when I’m on my leash.  I found a nice quiet spot in the backyard and I like to have my poop there. But there are times when I’m out with Mom and I can’t help it – I just have to poop.  Well if you thought my Mom jumped up and down because I’m now having normal poops – she goes crazy when I poop when we are on a walk.  She pets me, she calls my name – “Lexi – you are a good dog – oh Lexi – you are a good dog”.  Sorry – it’s not enough to make me want to poop on the leash all the time.

Heck – we went for a long walk this morning and the first thing I did when we got back home, I went for a poop in my favourite corner!

Speaking of my backyard – I’m very good at guarding in (when I choose to stay in it!).  Look at this picture of me as I stand on guard!   There are bad things out there – squirrels and raccoons and they want to come in our yard and I won’t let them!


Lexi – standing on guard!



I’m exhausted and need a nap!

Love Lexi!!!



One thought on “I’m a money pit!

  1. Hiya Lexi, you gorgeous girl you!!! I’d be just like your Mom, I couldn’t resist those lovely baby blues either. You’d be the most pampered Husky in the world. Glad your poop issues seem to be better now. And glad you like to visit your vet. A lot of doggies don’t. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Take care, blessed be, hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio


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