My name is LEXI and I’m a naughty dog!

Hey – it’s ME – it’s LEXI!


Mom called me a very, very, very naughty dog today.



I’m not naughty – I just want to have fun!

Dad was in charge today and I was outside enjoying the beautiful day. Then I spied a dog on the other side of the fence and well – I couldn’t help myself.  I sailed over the gate despite the fact that I have a leash trailing behind me.


Mom says it is very    D A N G E R O U S   for me to jump with that leash trailing behind. I could have gotten seriously hurt.  But I wanted to see what was on the other side of the fence.   I had to jump two gates to escape and next thing I knew, I was in the neighbour’s backyard.  What a cool place that is.

The neighbour spotted me and got some yummy food to entice me. Then she grabbed my leash and marched me back home where Dad was MAD.  He sent a text to my Mom who wasn’t home at the time and she was MAD and called me a very naughty dog.

Mom says – that’s it!  She is now going to add wire to the top of the gate so I will be deterred from jumping the gate. Oh boy – I love causing problems. You know why?

Because it means they are talking about ME!  Yep – not that Little Sammy – it’s all about ME!

Well if Mom puts that wire on the gate, I’m just going to have to find another way to escape. I don’t know why Mom thinks she is going to have the upper hand.  I let her make changes, get comfortable and then WHAM!  I come up with another great idea and then she has to start all over again!

Phew – what an exhausting day!

Love Lexi!



One thought on “My name is LEXI and I’m a naughty dog!

  1. OH MY Lexi, what adventures you get into, I wouldn’t call you naughty, just mischievous. But you do need to stay at home, It is a D A N G E R O U S world out there and you could get hurt so easily. Please stay home and be a good girl. We’d miss you if something happened to you. You’ve become a part of our little world. Misty and Rio listen when I read about your adventures. Stay sweet and beautiful. Love and hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio


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