Snow Snow glorious snow!

Hey – it’s me Lexi!

I know, my Mom has been naughty.  She won’t let me near the computer and I can’t write the blog by myself.  I hate my Mom cause I have so many stories to tell!  Maybe my Dad will help me?  I’m gong to ask him!

Guess what?  We had a SNOW STORM and that means LOTS of snow for me to play in.  I’m a HUSKY you know and HUSKY dogs love the snow.

Look at all the snow in my backyard!  I was so excited on Tuesday night, that I could barely sleep.


It’s snowing!!!

I’m having so much fun. But look – I’ve got a ball and chain attached to me whenever I’m in the backyard. My Mom puts my harness on me and attaches a long leather strap. She says it will prevent me from jumping. Well – it makes it very hard to walk!  I hate it, but Mom says until I stop being a runaway or she does something with the fence, I’m stuck with this ball and chain when I got out.  I’m NOT happy!!!!


Enjoying the snow despite my ball and chain!

It was so much fun that I just sat outside for a long long time. Look at me – I’m all snowy!!!  And I was loving it!

Sitting in the snow enjoying the storm

Well that storm wasn’t a big deal – hardly any snow. Well some, but not HUGE amounts of snow. I was still happy though and the next day it was sunny and bright and I got to sit outside for a long long time again.  I just love to watch the birds, and the squirrels and the rabbits.  They taunt me and I love it!!


Just watching!!!!
More watching!!!!

Now there is one thing that my Mom needs to get me and that is GOGGLES.  It is very hard on the eyes when it is so bright out!!!!


The sun is too bright!!!!

Don’t laugh – look at these cool dogs that work at the airport – they have goggles.  I want goggles and I want to work at the airport too!!!!   I could do what they do.

Mom doesn’t know, but look at me in this picture.  I’m learning how to get myself out of my harness!!!   I think she better tighten it up or something.  That Mom of mine – she is NOT responsible!  If you want to be a HUSKY owner – you have to be very responsible. And she is NOT!!!!

I’ve got another story for tomorrow – I need a nap about now.

Love Lexi!!!!



One thought on “Snow Snow glorious snow!

  1. Hiya Lexi!!! We’ve missed you!!! So glad you’re still enjoying your new home. And glad you got some snow, at least a little bit. For us down here, that’s a lot, lol. Sorry you have to wear that ball and chain, but I don’t blame Mom, I wouldn’t want you to run away again either. You’re too pretty and sweet to lose. I’m running a few days behind on reading my blogs—had no internet for 3 days—but so glad to read your’s again. Take care, blessed be, love and hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio


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