It’s COLD outside and I LOVE IT!

Good morning everyone – it’s ME – it’s LEXI!!!!!


It’s finally happened – all that cold weather everyone promised me – we had it this past weekend and I was in heaven!!!!  I love the cold. I want to move somewhere where it’s cold like that all the time.

Mom says I have a screw loose. She says it’s OK to have some cold weather from time to time, but she says she is not freezing her butt off at the dog park  every day despite how cute I am!

Well – that is NOT acceptable.  I want COLD.  I even bought my Mom a super duper present at Christmas so she couldn’t complain when she takes me to the dog park. I bought her a pair of fleece lined jeans. And this past weekend, my Mom wore those pants and she says she was indeed toasty warm for about 15 minutes.  See this is the label from the pants.



Toasty T-Max fleece lined jeans

My Mom really is the BEST dog Mom in the whole entire world.  Do you want to know why? Well it was very very cold this weekend and Mom said that we  – well she meant me – that Little Sammy has NO ENERGY – she’s just old. And so despite the freezing cold temperatures, Mom took us to the dog park!!!!!   Yipppeeeeeee!!!!!


Do you want to know how cold it was????   Look at this thing on my Mom’s car – it says MINUS 23 degrees.  That is COLD, but for me – that’s not cold at all.  Don’t forget – I’m a HUSKY and us HUSKYs love the cold.


Yes – that says MINUS 23 degrees


Mom says we are all loony tunes and didn’t expect to see anyone else at the dog park and she was right!  My Mom is smart – well sometimes!!!!



No one else at the dog park

My Mom was bundled up – she had on her new fleece lines pants and she even wore her winter boots for the first time this winter. Then she had on a hat, a scarf, and TWO coats.   Me – I just went like I am – a HUSKY!!!!  Mom says her hands were freezing to the point that they hurt – well no wonder – she kept taking her gloves off – DUH!!!!!  Something about taking pictures with her phone. Like I said – sometimes – she’s smart -other times – not so much!

So what do dogs do at the dog park when it is freezing cold?  Well if they are smart (like me!!!!)  – they will run!!!!


Can you tell which one of us dogs is the smartest?  Yep – I think those pictures say a lot.  Of course Little Sammy was getting cold. Baby!!!!

But I wasn’t running the entire time – Nope – I did some walking too!


And even some standing!


And even some sitting. Boy – that Little Sammy and my Mom are SO SLOW.  I can run to the connecting gate like lightning and then I have to wait for them to toddle along. I need a faster Mom!


Sitting and politely waiting for Mom and Little Sammy


Oh look – it’s me running again!! And this is how we are at the dog park.  I’m always FAR away and Little Sammy is always CLOSE!!


Near and far!




Open the gate!!!   I’ve been waiting!


Oh, it was a glorious morning at the dog park. But now it has gotten warmer again and well I’m OK with that, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when it is cold.

We stayed at the dog park for 15 minutes on this cold morning. We had to leave because Little Sammy was getting cold and when Mom put her in the car, she was shivering and shivering so Mom wrapped her in a warm quilt and then she was fine. I did jump in the back of the car without any coaxing – my paws were getting a little bit cold and Mom’s fingers were almost frozen off!

Thanks Mom – it was so much fun!!!!!!


And now – it’s nap time.

Love Lexi!!!!



2 thoughts on “It’s COLD outside and I LOVE IT!

  1. Hiya Lexi!!! Pam here. You can keep all that cold way up there, ok??? We had a cold weekend here (in North Carolina). We had highs in the 20’s, not the minus 20″s though. And it was plenty cold enough. Then we had an ice storm. I don’t really mind the snow, but definitely don’t like the ice. It’s too dangerous. Luckily, we didn’t have to go anywhere and it was gone the next day. That was a very thoughtful gift to get Mom for Christmas. You just knew she’d need those pants when out with you, didn’t you??? Well, don’t get too cold up there. Talk to ya soon, hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio


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