A new way to travel

HEY it’s me – Lexi!!!!


My Mom likes to go to Tim’s and I just like to go anywhere.  Look at this cool video that one of my Mom’s friends sent to ME.   I want to do this!!!!!  I was made to do this.

Mom said she is going to order my bikjoring equipment TODAY!!!!!   I’m so excited!!!!   She has to order TWO different pieces and then we can go bikjoring!!!!!   Just in case, you have forgotten what that is – here is a video.

And it would be so much fun to take Mom to Tim’s on the dog sled.  My Mom is too big for just one dog and Little Sammy is just too little and too old to pull a dog sled.  But when Little Sammy isn’t here anymore – then I can get a sister and we can pull Mom on a dog sled.  Isn’t that right Mom!!!!!   It would be so much fun!

Nap time

Love Lexi!


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