A hard pill to swallow

It snowed – it snowed!!!!!   Hey – it’s me – Lexi!!!!   I’m a HUSKY and we love snow.

When I lived in Qatar and they told me that I was going to live in Canada, I was so excited. They said there would be a lot of snow and well  – you know – we Huskies LOVE snow.

However, we haven’t had snow. Those people were all talking crazy talk!

Then the other day – guess what happened??   We got snow.  My Mom took some pictures of ME in the snow and here is one of them.  Aren’t I gorgeous????




Lexi enjoying the snow


So you know that I have to take some medication. Mom has to monitor me and sometimes that is hard.  We have to see if the medication is working. Me – I don’t care!

But I don’t like to take pills. Mom says there is this nice lady at work and she told Mom that it was very easy to get dogs, especially ones like me with a BIG MOUTH to take pills. That lady told Mom how to do it and then Mom came home and she was petting me and petting me and then WHOA!  What’s this all about – her big hand down my throat???   GAG GAG GAG!!!!!!

I got Mom good though because I slimed up her hand and it was gross!!!  That is how I was “FORCED” to take some of my medication. Then Mom felt sorry for me after the “incident” and when we were buying new equipment, she bought me PILL POCKETS.

Did you see the flavour??   Duck and Pea – YUM YUM.  Mom says the smell of these pill pockets is almost as bad as being slimed by me!!!!

Since Mom bought them, she is going to use them up.  But I don’t think she is going to buy them again.    I LIKE the pill pockets!  And I only spit the medication out once – the very first time. Now I gobble it up!   Way more civilized than gagging cause someone has their hand shoved down my throat. Where’s the  D I G N I T Y in that????


Pill pockets
My pills


Now what I want to know is why people can’t recommend FUN things instead of shoving pills down my throat. I think if people are going to give advice – not fun advice, then they need to give one fun advice as well.  Just to make up for the not so fun advice.  Mom – are you listening????   Make sure everyone knows that!

Mom may think this lady is nice, but I’m not so sure!

Time for that nap!

Love Lexi!!!!


3 thoughts on “A hard pill to swallow

  1. Not sure if this email goes anywhere but Elaine, if you see this, how about peanut butter for the pills? Love the blog! Rita

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  2. AWWWWW Lexi, so sorry Mom had to do that. I’ve done it to my babies too. You have to have that medicine, even though it’s not fun. We want you healthy to be around for a long, long time. I’ve used the pill pockets too. There are other flavors too. Tell Mom to just keep trying. Do you chase your tail??? That’s a fun thing to do, or at least it seems to be to my babies, lol. They’re so funny at times. You have a good rest of the week. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio


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